Wednesday, May 19, 2010


You'll never guess what!  We are going to have TWO cats living at our house!  Mom is going to bring them home from the shelter later today.  But we're not going to keep them here forever and ever.  We're just going to foster them for a while.  And Mom said that the cats are going to have their own private room, and that we dogs will not be allowed to go in the room with the cats because Mom does not want any dogs to be eating any cats.  Which is kind of disappointing, but when Mom lays down the law, there's not much you can do about it.

So anyway, the reason we are getting these cats at our house is because at the shelter they've been saying that they need people to foster litters of kittens.  And Mom decided it would be fun to do that.  So when Mom talked to the lady at the shelter, she found out that there would be some kittens coming later, but the lady said they also had two full-grown cats that needed to be in a foster home.

And the reason these cats needed a foster home was because their human died, and nobody else in the family could adopt them.  So a rescue group is going to find a home for them.  But first the cats have to lose some weight because they are both REALLY FAT.  And also they are both very shy.  

Mom met the cats yesterday, and one is black-and-white (like me!) and he is a boy, and Mom thinks his name is Charlie.  And the other cat is what you call a "dilute tortie," which means that she is mostly kind of grey and also she has some orangish patches on her.  Mom doesn't remember what her name is.

When Mom met the cats, Charlie was hiding under his bed, except that he was so big that only his front half fit under the bed.  And the girl kitty was all huddled up in the back corner of the cage.  So Mom is going to bring them home and feed them diet food and try to get them to be more friendly and to maybe get a little exercise.  I think if she would just let Gabe chase them around the house, that would be really good exercise, but Mom said that is not what she has in mind.

That's all I know to tell you about our new kitties now, but later on maybe I'll have some pictures and can tell you more about them.  At least I hope so!