Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm in Austin!

Well, here we are in Austin, Texas, and we have been here a whole day and a whole night now. It is very hot here in Texas, which I do not like too much because it makes me pant a lot. Luckily, Aunt Cheryl's house is air-conditioned, and also she has lots of water dishes around for thirsty dogs to drink out of.

Gabe did not growl at Hank because Gabe and I remember Hank perfectly well because he is our friend. So Gabe does not have to wear his muzzle here in Texas.

Monday night we were in Oklahoma at Granny Ruthie's house. Gabe wore his muzzle there, but he still tried to attack Marley. And Marley attacked him back. So Gabe and Marley could not be in the same room together. Gabe wasn't as mean to Lily because she was more shy and submissive, but they did not stay in the room together either, just so nobody got hurt.

Anyway, Mom figured out how to get her pictures onto Aunt Cheryl's computer, but she can't figure out how to crop them or do anything nice like that, so you will just have to look at the raw pictures.

Yesterday we got to Austin about 3:30, and then we all went out to look at Aunt Cheryl's yard, which she hired some men to work on, and they have done a bunch of work, so it's not like a jungle, like it used to be, but it's still a lot more interesting than our yard, so Gabe and I really like to pee and poop there and sniff around a lot. Mom didn't take any pictures of the yard yet, but I'm sure she will do that pretty soon.

Last night Mom and Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Art went out to eat Mexican food, and then we all watched TV all evening. And this morning, Mom and Aunt Cheryl went to Uncle Art's bakery for breakfast, and Mom took some pictures of the yummy stuff there. She didn't bring any yummy stuff home for Gabe and me, though, which is very sad, in my opinion. Sometimes Mom is just not very thoughtful.

The other things Mom and Aunt Cheryl did was they visited the Austin Humane Society, and also they went to some thrift stores, and they ate lunch at a Vietnamese place.

Well, okay, it's time for me and Gabe to eat supper now. Maybe I can write again soon.

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  1. I forgot to add a tube of triple antibiotic ointment with some gently applied before the green apple should help it heal. Piper is licking because it hurts and since she has no fingers as humans do when bothering a wound this is the way she can put pressure on it. Hold Piper a bit after application; once the pain eases the licking will get less.