Monday, May 3, 2010


We're leaving this morning on our Big Trip to Texas!  Oh boy!  It's pretty exciting to go traveling with Mom.  Gabe and I will ride in a crate in the back end of the car.  This is so that we will not climb into Mom's lap while she is driving and make her drive off the road.  Also if there is a wreck, we will not get thrown out of the car.  Or something like that.

Anyway, we are going to visit Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Art and Hank and Gracie in Austin, which is the capital of the whole state of Texas.  I can hardly wait to see Hank because he's my favorite basenji boyfriend.  Hank has something wrong with his gall bladder right now, so he is taking pills, but he will be okay soon.  Also he lost his hearing because he is getting older.  He is the same age as Gabe, but Gabe can still hear everything okay, or at least we think he can.  Maybe he is just faking.

But before we go to Texas, we are going to Oklahoma, and we're going to spend the night in Oklahoma City at Gabe's Granny Ruthie's house.  We will stay in the exact room where Gabe was born.  Gabe's dam, Dulcie used to live with Granny Ruthie, but then Dulcie got old and died.  She was 16 when she died, which is pretty old for a basenji, although I have heard of a few that got all the way to 18.

Granny Ruthie has a basenji boy named Marley, and he is a tri-colored basenji.  Last time we were there, Marley just kept trying to hump me the whole time, so I had to snark at him at lot, and finally Mom and Granny Ruthie just kept us apart.  And also Gabe was snarking at Marley, but Gabe snarks at all the dogs he meets, as I have mentioned before.

Now Granny Ruthie has a new dog that we have not met, and her name is Lily.  She is not a basenji.  She is a mixed-breed dog that looks kind of like a flat-coated retriever.  I hope I will like her.  Of course, Gabe will not like her, at least not at first.  But Mom is taking Gabe's muzzle so that he can maybe be with the other dogs without biting any of them.

Well, guess what happened to me yesterday!  I stubbed my toenail, and it hurt a bunch, so I kept limping, and Mom ended up taking me to the emergency clinic, which is the same clinic where we go for physical therapy.  Mom was NOT HAPPY to have to take me there because she had tons of other stuff she needed to get done, such as packing our dog food and important stuff like that.  And even though she thought that all I did was hurt my toenail, she decided she had better take me to the clinic just to make sure, because what if we got to Texas and my foot got all worse, there weren't any veterinarians in Texas!  So that's why Mom took me to the vet yesterday.

And we had to wait, like, a whole hour before the vet could see us because there were lots of animals there who had to see the vet, but finally she came and looked at me.  Her name was Dr. Spry, and she did look pretty young and spry.  Also she was tall, and very nice.  She shaved the hair around my toenail and she said I had just jammed it, and she gave me some Rimadyl, which is supposed to make my toe stop hurting, and then Mom paid $90 and we went home and ate supper.

Anyway, I will try to write in my blog while I am on vacation, but I don't know if I'll have time to write a whole lot, and also Mom doesn't know if she can download photos from her camera onto Aunt Cheryl's computer, so I might not have any pictures to show you until we get home.

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