Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mom's Adventure at the River Market

Yesterday Mom made us get up really, really early, like at 4:30 while it was still dark.  And she made us do this even though it was a Saturday and it was also a holiday weekend.  Then Mom fed us and ate some cereal and didn't take us for a walk, and then she left.  And she was gone a very long time, but finally she came home about 3:30 in the afternoon.

So it turned out that where Mom went was this place called the River Market.  And it's called that because it's near the Missouri River, and also it's a farmers' market kind of place.  Every Saturday lots of people go there to sell veggies and fruit and flowers and bread and honey and anything they think people will buy.  Mom and some other people from the cactus club went there because they thought maybe they could sell some cactus plants.  And actually, they sold quite a few, so they were happy.

Mom took her camera to the River Market because she knew I would like to have some photos for my blog.  And she was right about this.  Some of the plants that the cactus club was selling are called "hen and chicks."  These plants are not like real chickens because they don't cluck and they don't lay eggs.  Also they aren't yummy to eat.  But I'm just telling you what they are called.  Some other kinds of plants that they were selling are called cholla and prickly pears.  These plants grow outside, even in the snow, and they have lots of sharp spines, so you do not want to run into one.

Close to where the cactus people were, there were some other people selling flowers.  They had lots and lots of petunias and impatiens and very colorful flowers like that.

Some of the people who were selling flowers had a little girl who took a very long nap, which Mom wished she could do, but she couldn't because she is a grown-up.

Next door to the cactus club, there were people selling scallions and all kinds of herbs and stuff like that. These people were from an Asian country, like maybe Vietnam or Laos or someplace like that.

They had two boys who ate big plates of French fries with catsup and then one of them took a little nap.

Anyway, we dogs had to stay home all day and catch up on our quality sleep because Mom had made us get up so early.  We couldn't go to the River Market because dogs are not allowed there.  Dogs used to be allowed there, but then someone made a rule that they couldn't go there anymore.  Last year when the cactus club went to the River Market, Mom saw a few people who had dogs with them even though they weren't supposed to bring them there.  But this year Mom did not see a single dog, so maybe people got in trouble for bringing their dogs.  It's sad that there is this rule about dogs, but I don't think I would like the River Market anyway, so I guess I don't mind.

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