Friday, May 7, 2010

My Toe Still HURTS!

Remember how I told you about my jammed toenail and how I had to go to the emergency vet on Sunday?  Well, my toe is still really sore, and also it's swollen, and sometimes it bleeds a little around where my toenail comes out of my toe.  Mom says that it is my fault that my toe is not getting better, and this is because I keep licking it.  But I can't help licking it because it hurts!

Anyway, I can still run around pretty good in Hank's yard.  I can run on 3 legs, and I can go fast on 3 legs, if I need to get somewhere in a hurry.  And it is fun to run around in the yard, so I like to do it, even though the weather is hot, which it has been every day since we got here.  Here's a picture of me running in the yard.

And here's another picture of me, and in this one I am hunting squirrels in a liveoak tree.  Did you know there are squirrels in Texas?  Well, guess what!  There are lots of squirrels here.  Also there are armadillos and coyotes and other wild animals that we don't usually see in our yard in Kansas City.

Today Mom went to the drug store and bought some bandage wrap stuff, and she is going to try to bandage my foot so that I won't lick it all the time.  But she is afraid I might chew the bandage off, which I might do because it seems like it would be a fun way to pass the time.

Mostly, all we have got to do here in Texas so far is either stay in our room downstairs where we live with Mom, or else we go out in the yard and run around and potty and explore everything.  Meanwhile, Mom is having all the fun because she and Aunt Cheryl go to garage sales and thrift stores and places like that.  And yesterday they went to some garden centers.  Tomorrow they are going on a tour of a bunch of gardens that have wildflowers in them.  I am not sure why you would call a flower "wild" if it is kept captive in a garden, but I am no expert on flowers.

Okay, well, that is all I can think of to tell you right now.  Mom is going to take lots of pictures of the wildflowers, so maybe I will put some in my blog.  I would rather talk about dogs in my blog, but sometimes you have to use the material you have on hand.  Or on paw.


  1. Licking that wound is serious business. Go to the
    pet store and get green apple spray. It is used
    for wounds and hot spots. It is very bitter but
    not harmful in any way. Soak a cotton ball to apply it so that it is not directly on the wound but all around it. I used it as long as I had greyhounds and basenjis and it helped wonderfully.
    The only other option is an e-collar; some will
    wear it but some won't.

  2. I posted another important part of the treatment
    but somehow it went to the entry I'm in Austin.

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you for your suggestions about my toe. Last night Mom bandaged it up real good, but I took the bandage off and ate most of it, with some help from Gabe. Then Mom tried putting a basket muzzle on me, and this sort of worked for a while, but I did not like wearing the muzzle. So when Mom and Aunt Cheryl came home from going to garage sales, I had the muzzle partway off, so that I could lick my toe some more. Now Mom is thinking about trying one of those cone thingies on me, but she thinks I will wiggle out of it. Ha! She says she will ask Aunt Cheryl if she has some Bitter Apple or if we can go buy some. She tried some other bitter-tasting stuff before on me, though, and I just licked it right off. So we will see what happens. Meanwhile, Mom is giving me some antibiotics called cephalexin, so maybe that will help, too.
    Your friend,

  4. I used to get a spray from the vet called Hexacaine which numbs pain. The ointment, bitter apple, and it were my basic arsenal for minor wounds.

    The e-collar, we just had to keep one on my sister's dachshund for two weeks, the secret to it is that it is long enough and fitted properly
    without being too tight. It looks worse than it is but a dog can not be left alone until it is
    well tested because bad things can happen.

    I had to smile when I saw that Piper ate the bandage because I knew in advance the end to that story. Sight hounds do not wear bandages!