Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Visit to Dr. Patricia

Well, Mom started getting worried about my toe because I was sort of licking it again, so she decided to make an appointment with Dr. Patricia.  And besides, Mom is always looking for ways to spend more money on us dogs.  NOT!

So yesterday afternoon I had to go to the vet's office, and Gabe had to go, too, because Mom thought maybe he has a urinary tract infection, on account of he has really stinky pee again.  But at least Mom remembered to take some treats for us to eat while we were waiting to get to see Dr. Patricia, so that made it not quite so bad.

Anyway, Dr. Patricia looked at my toenail, and she was all sympathetic, and she said it looked like I had really hurt it.  She even said I might end up losing my toenail.  Yikes!  And also she noticed that the pad of my foot was pulling away from the nail, but she did not explain why it was doing this.  And she said my toe was still sort of swollen.  Then she said I might even have a broken toe, but the only way to know that would be to make an x-ray of it.

So now I have to get pain pills again, even though Mom had stopped giving them to me because she thought I was all better.  And I have to keep taking antibiotics, and I have to take even more of them than I was taking before.  Also I'm not supposed to lick my toe, so Mom is going to look for her bottle of Bitter Apple and see if that will help me remember not to lick it.

Oh, and they also trimmed my toenails so that they won't be rubbing on the ground so much and pushing on my sore toe.

Then Dr. Patricia and Mom talked about Gabe, and Dr. Patricia took him in the back room, and Nurse Debbie stuck a needle in his bladder and got some urine out of it.

After that, we finally got to leave, and it cost $219 for everything they did to us, so Mom was Not Happy.

Mel and Barry are mostly okay, but they are having kind of soft poop.  Mom is hoping they will just get better all by themselves because she does not want to spend more money at the vet's office right now.


  1. You two basenjis always have a booboo! Feel better, Piper... maybe you should get that toe Xrayed? Why the heck not? Glad you had a good time in Texas, even with your sore toenail!

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Our goal in life is to make Mom spend lots of money on us because that is how we know she loves us. This is why we keep eating and making her buy food, and it's also why we keep getting booboos. I don't share this secret with just anybody, but since you were nice enough to write a comment, I will share it with you.
    Your friend,

  3. That is a GOOOOD secret, Piper!