Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Kitties Are Here!

Mom brought our foster kitties home yesterday afternoon.  Their names are Charlie and Chloe.  Charlie weighs 27 pounds and Chloe weighs 17 pounds.  I don't know how old they are because Mom forgot to ask the people at the shelter.

Anyway, when Mom took them into their special room, they hid under the bed, and they did not come out for hours and hours, not even to eat or to use the litter box.

Charlie looks really funny because he got totally shaved at the shelter Tuesday, except for his head and his feet and a little tuft at the end of his tail.  This is called a "lion cut."  If I were a cat, I would be embarrassed to look like that, so I can totally understand why Charlie doesn't want to come out from under the bed.  

Here's a picture of Chloe's butt.  She was hiding behind a doggy gate that was leaning against the wall.  When Mom moved the gate a little bit, she got to pet Chloe's head and take a picture of her.  Chloe has short hair, so she did not have to get shaved because she was not all matted like Charlie.

At bedtime last night, Mom went in the cat room, and she sat there and talked to the cats for a while, and Charlie got brave and came out from under the bed.  Then he rubbed all over Mom and purred a whole bunch and let her pet him.  And the reason he was rubbing on Mom was because he was marking her as his very own, but she is not really his very own because she belongs to us dogs.  We had her first!  So there!

And then Chloe also got brave and came out of her corner, and she also purred and rubbed all over Mom and head-butted her to say "Pet me!  Pet me!"

After that, we all went to bed, but in the night, we heard a strange sound, so we jumped out of bed, but Mom said it was just a kitty scratching in the litter box.  Of course, we wanted to go in and eat the kitty poop, but Mom said we couldn't do that.

I have told Mom that if she lets me go in and meet the cats, I will be really nice to them, but she does not believe me.  She says it's best if the cats and dogs don't get together because if we did, we might fight like cats and dogs.  Hahahaha!

Well, okay, that's all I have time to write today.  Maybe tomorrow I can write about a more interesting topic  than cats.


  1. Congratulations on your new foster kitties, Piper! Kitties are fun for basenjis to chase... I know this, because I have three kitties! I like to chase the kitties just enough to scare them. One of our kitties lets me chew on his fur a little because we are best friends! Of course, your kitties are REALLY BIG kitties so I might be scared of them!

    Have fun!

    Your friend in black-and-white basenjiness,

  2. Dear Corky,

    I would like to chase our kitties, but so far Mom has not even let me go in the same room with them! They are very big, so they might be scary, but I don't know for sure since I haven't met them. I know they can make scary hissing and growling sounds, and also I have heard that they have sharp claws. So maybe it's better if I don't get in their way, at least for now!

    Thanks for reading my blog and posting a comment!

    Black-and-white basenjis RULE!

    Your friend, Piper