Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pottery and Flowers

First of all, I will say that my toe seems to be getting better.  At least Mom said she thinks it is.  And she says this because I am not limping as much.  And also because this morning Mom took me and Gabe for a walk in the neighborhood, and I only balked once.  I limped a little bit, but not too much.  At first, Mom was just going to take Gabe for a walk, but I ran to the door and jumped around and showed Mom that I wanted to go, too.  So she took both of us.  It was lots of fun.

Then the rest of the day, Mom was mostly out running around with Aunt Cheryl, and Gabe and I took a nap.  Mom and Aunt Cheryl went to see a bunch of pottery, and they liked quite a bit of it, but it was really expensive because it was Art.  So Mom didn't buy anything, and Aunt Cheryl just bought one little dish thingy that was $10.  Mom took a bunch of pictures, but she doesn't want to download them out of the camera right now because she is too lazy.  She found me a few pictures on the internet, though, so I am going to use them.  When we get home, we will have a bunch of pictures to show you.

So anyway, another thing that Mom and Aunt Cheryl did today was they went to a couple of garden centers.  Mom bought an armadillo, but it's not a real one.  It is one that is made out of metal.  Also Mom bought two pots and three plants.  Aunt Cheryl also bought a pot, and she bought a bunch of plants, but she did not buy an armadillo.

Yesterday, Mom and Aunt Cheryl went to see the wildflower gardens, like I told you they were going to do.  They went to five gardens, and Mom took a lot of pictures, including some of two cute dachshunds, but she did not download them, so I have to use some photos from the internet.  It sure will be easier for me to write my blog when I get home again!

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