Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Update on My Exciting Life

Okay, well, lots of fascinating things have been going on that I haven't had the chance to tell you about.  One is that my toenail got all healed up, and I only had to wear the Cone of Shame for two days.  Then when it was Memorial Day weekend I had some diarrhea.  We don't know why I had it, but Mom gave me Imodium, and after that, she fed me rice, and I got all cured.

And last week, Barry had diarrhea, too.  And Mom took him by the vet's office because he was due to have one of those poop sample tests.  But it came back showing that he didn't have any worms or anything, but he's taking metronidazole, and Mom made him eat rice, too, and now he's feeling all better.

So that's my update on diarrhea at our house.  Now I guess I will talk about our foster kitties.  They are getting braver, so they come out more and are not always under the covers.  Mom bought some cat toys, and she goes in the cat room and plays with the cats sometimes.  They like it when she does this.

The cats are eating lots more now because they are not so scared to come out and eat.  Also they poop in their litter box, but Mom won't let us dogs go in and eat the poop, even though we would really like to do that.  Yesterday, Mom emptied all the litter out into a big yellow trash bag, and she vacuumed the cat room, and Charlie and Chloe hid under the covers the whole time because they think the vacuum is very, very scary, and they are right about that.

Oh, and guess what else happened at our house!  On Sunday, Mom bought us some new rugs for the living room because our old rugs were really old and they were getting worn out and ugly.  Which made Mom tired of looking at them.  And another problem with the biggest old rug was that someone kept peeing on it, so it was stinky.  At least that was what Mom said.  Mom thinks I am the dog who keeps peeing on the rug, but I am not going to say if she is right or if she is wrong about this.  I will just say that sometimes when it's rainy, a girl can't possibly be expected to get her feet wet by going outside in the wet grass!  The new rugs look even better if there are dogs sitting on them, so here's a picture of Mel and me doing that.

The last thing I am going to update you about is the piano.  We have had this piano thing sitting in the dining room for the whole time I have been living here, and Gabe says the piano thing was at the other house where he and Trixie used to live with Mom, too.  Gabe even remembers when Mom used to play the piano and sing, but she hasn't done that for a long, long time.  I didn't even realize that the piano could be played.  I thought it was just a piece of furniture to pile stuff on.

Well, anyway, the other night Mom shocked all of us by sitting down at the piano and playing it, which she still sort of remembers how to do.  The piano makes very loud, scary noises, so I was forced to run upstairs and get as far away from it as I could.  Mom says the piano is out of tune, so maybe that's why it is so scary-sounding.  Anyway, I'm not sure if this piano playing stuff is going to be a regular thing that happens now or not.  I will have to update you about the situation later.


  1. Here's more for your exciting life.
    Me thinks you have a namesake:

    Your friend,
    Zest, superstar in training

  2. Dear Zest,
    Sir Charles looks like a very handsome and very nice basenji boy, but of course my heart belongs to Hank. Also, we have our Legal Limit of Dogs, as Mom keeps reminding me. I think maybe your mom should adopt Sir Charles, and then he could be a superstar-in-training, just like you!
    Your friend, Piper

  3. Oops, mom sent the wrong link. Here's the one that she should have sent

    and yes, Sir Charles is very handsome, but mom says the tri's are trying.


  4. Oh, what a cute little puppy Piper! She's almost as cute as me! I was wondering why your mom said Sir Charles was my namesake, but I wasn't going to accuse your mom of making a mistake because I'm sure she almost never makes one, just like my mom. Ha! I have heard that b&w basenjis are the clowns of the family, and if that means they are totally cute and entertaining, then I think it's true.
    Your friend, Piper

  5. Gosh, Piper, that is exciting news from your house! Kitties are the best. I keep telling my mom that she doesn't need to buy dog food, I'd be happy with just cat poop. But, she isn't smart enough to realize what a great idea this is!

    The kitties look happier. My kitties like that fleece-string-on-a-stick too! and they like the laser pointer. They chase it and I chase them!

    We have a piano too. But what's even worse is that mom has an oboe and lately she has a flute, too. Do you know what kind of horrible sounds a flute makes? It's really high, and even though I'm mostly deaf, it drives me nuts. So feel lucky that your mom doesn't torture you with anything more than the piano!

    Keep working on getting your paws on that cat poop... I am!

    Your friend,

  6. Dear Corky,
    I am definitely trying to get some of that kitty poop, but Mom keeps flushing it down the toilet, which seems very wasteful to me. Mom has a laser pointer someplace. I will tell her to look for it. The kitties might like to chase it, and maybe some of us dogs would like to chase it, too.

    Your mom must be really talented to be able to make horrible noises on so many musical instruments. I'm glad my mom only plays the piano. I have a friend named Dodgie who is a Golden, and his mom plays the violin in the symphony. When she practices, it makes him howl!

    Your friend, Piper