Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm Number 182

Not too long ago, in the Kansas City Star, there was this article about the most popular dog and cat names. I think this list is just from Kansas City, MO, and the way they got the list was they counted all the names of dogs and cats that got city licenses.  So I cannot tell you about the most popular names in Kansas City, KS or in Independence or Olathe or any other part of town.  But that doesn't really matter because Kansas City, MO is where I live, so that makes it the best part!

Maybe you will remember that the last time I talked about popular dog names, I told you that Max was the most popular name of all.  And that may still be true if you are talking about dog names in the entire country.  But now I am just talking about Kansas City, and guess what!  Max is number two here, and Buddy is the number one dog name.  Yes, there are 239 dogs named Buddy, and only 217 named Max.

Then after that are:
Molly (204)
Maggie (162)
Lucy (154)
Sadie (149)
Daisy (149)
Bailey (134)
Lucky (116)
Jack (108)
Jake (100)

And then if you skip over a whole bunch of names, you come to Piper, which is #182!  There are only 16 dogs named Piper in Kansas City, MO, so you can tell that we are a very special and very elite group!

Okay, now for the cats.  Here are the top 10 names:
Shadow (27)
Smokey (27)
Tigger (26)
Buddy (24)
Tiger (24)
Missy (22)
Kitty (21)
Callie (20)
Max (20)
Baby (19)
Gracie (19)

What we can learn from this list of cat names is (1) not many people get licenses for their cats, and (2) some cat names are even dumber than dog names, like for instance, Kitty.  I mean, really!  Is that the best name that 21 people could think of for their cats?  You don't hear of many dogs named Doggie, do you? Well, I haven't, anyway.  Oh, and #36 on the list is Miss Kitty.  I'm not too fond of Baby either, or Missy, or Lucky, or Princess.  But don't get me started!  I'm just glad I have a more beautiful and different name like Piper, that I only have to share with 15 other dogs in Kansas City, MO.


  1. Hey there...I've not been on your blog for awhile! Shame on me - bad Aunt Patty!! I'm catching up now! Hey, my brother has two cats; guess what their names are? Big cat and little cat! What the heck is that?? I couldn't find Dodi or Di on any list, which I'm not surprised since I gave the "naming" to my daughter and she always comes up with names a bit different. LOL! Let me tell you - I LOVE the name Piper; whether it's for a dog or a human! Bye for now...going to read some of the past blog entries!
    Love, AP

  2. Dear Aunt Patty,
    I am glad you started reading my fascinating blog again. I missed getting comments from you. Your brother's cats' names are not very special, if you ask me, which I know you didn't, but I always like to give my opinion anyway. Mom says she knows someone who used to have a cat named Big Kitty, which isn't a very good name either. None of my brothers' names were on the dog names list, so I guess there are fewer than 10 dogs with those names in KCMO. Their names are Gabe, Mel, and Barry, which don't seem very unusual to me, but what do I know? I'm just glad they aren't named Max or Buddy!
    Love, Piper

  3. Hello Piper! HAHA :D ive been wanting to post comments on your blog but the connection here in our school wont let me. I hope this one is a success. :D Anyway, I'M Elaine and im from the Philippines. we don't have any pet at home, well, we had, once. it was a cat.. we named him Mukmoy. then he got hit by a bicycle and got killed and after that we never had any pet at home. :( so much for that, i came across your blog spot when i was scrutinizing some pictures about the two-faced cat and it was quite disturbing. i think it went trending in Yahoo.I would really love to have a dog like you and some husky breed too. i hope your kind can get along well with bigger dogs. :D so, Ive finished your other blog starting from 2009 till here. whenever i got a free time i would visit your blog again and again. :D THAT'S ALL. MABUHAY! :))


    1. Dear Elaine,
      I am very happy to know that you read my blog from far away in the Philippines. Also I can't believe you started at the beginning and have read all the way up to here and maybe farther by now. I meant to reply to your comment sooner, but my mom kept using the computer and not letting me write to my fans. But now I am finally writing. Anyway, I hope you will keep reading my blog and if your school ever lets you write a comment again, you should do it! It would be great if you could get a dog like me because basenjis are the best breed ever. But I don't know if there are very many in the Philippines, so you might have to get some other kind of dog. But that's okay, too.
      Your friend, Piper