Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Latest News!

Well, as you know, I have a very exciting life, and now I'm going to tell you all the latest exciting things that have happened.  First of all, Mom has been leaving the door open to the cat room sometimes so that we dogs can look at the cats through the child gate.  Here's a picture of me looking at Chloe.  She is very bold, and she rolls over and shows me her fat tummy and acts like she is not afraid of me at all.  And sometimes she hisses at me.

Friday night we had a very shocking thing happen because Mom left the cat room door open for a long time while we were all downstairs watching TV.  Then all of a sudden, we heard a meow on the stairs, and there was a cat there!  And it was Chloe!  Mel ran up the stairs and herded Chloe back into her room, even though Mel is not really a herding dog.  By the time Mom got upstairs, Chloe had jumped back onto the table by the child gate and had run clear across the room and was on a shelf by the window.  Mom didn't even think Chloe could jump that high because Chloe is so fat, but Mom was wrong.

Charlie has not ever escaped from the cat room yet, but sometimes he comes over by the child gate to meow and hiss at me and Gabe.  I think maybe Charlie is more afraid of dogs than Chloe is.

So anyway, another thing that happened was that yesterday Mom went to a satellite adoption, and it was a really hot day, and Mom had to stay outside most of the time, so she was hot and tired when she got home.  And then when she came in the house, she noticed right away that it wasn't very cool in the house, which was something we dogs had been noticing all day.  And when Mom looked at the thermostat thing, she found out it was 85 degrees in the house, even though it was supposed to be 76.  So she called the air-conditioner people, and she talked to a nice lady who said maybe the problem was something called a circuit breaker, which is some kind of switch thing in the basement.  And Mom went down there, and sure enough, that was the problem, so she fixed it all by herself, and the house got cool again, but it took a couple of hours.  Luckily, we were all able to take naps while we were getting cooler.

But the most exciting thing that happened yesterday was that Mom went to a pet store, and she bought us a very special chewy, which was part of an antler.  We don't know if it is a deer antler or an elk antler, but we don't really care which it is.  Mom had thought about buying us one of these antlers before, but they are very expensive, so she didn't.  But yesterday she did.  And the antler cost $30, but I think it was well worth every penny.  In fact, I think it would have been better if Mom had bought four antlers, but Mom said she is not made out of money.

So first of all, Barry got to chew on the antler because he is the Alpha Dog.  And he chewed it for like an hour or so, and he chewed the point off of it.  Then finally Barry decided he needed a drink of water, so when he abandoned the antler, Gabe got it, and he chewed it.  Here's a picture of Gabe chewing it while I waited patiently for my turn, which I knew would come.  And it did!  I got to chew the antler and I was very happy to do it because there is nothing like a good chew to make a dog happy.

Mel didn't chew the antler because he is  too afraid that some other dog will attack him and take it away from him.  But I got to chew the antler, and like I told you, I was very happy to be chewing it.  Then after a while, Mom took it away from me and put it on a high shelf because she said everybody had done enough chewing today but maybe we can all chew it again another day.  I hope that other day is today, because that antler was very, very yummy!


  1. Once again your AP has not been able to access, well... take the time to read your blog for the past few days! I've been rather, no make that VERY BUSY helping my mother; no more comment on that! :) Dodi/Di requested that I mention to you, "to NEVER under-estimate the power of a cat...even the bit heavier cats when it comes to their ability to jump high!" Also, I agree with you about the dogs in Iran. I remember after the revolution, when the Shah was kicked out....they announced then, too, about dogs being unclean...silly, silly people! Should you ever go to Iran, and if I'm also there, I would be more than happy to kind of look away if you wanted to give their religious leader a little nip in the calf area...just a little one though. :)
    Love, AP

  2. Dear Aunt Patty,
    I am glad you were able to read my blog again. Thanks to Dodi and Di for the advice about cats. I will never again think that they can't jump just because they are fat! Also, when it comes to the Ayatollah in Iran, I would like to do more than just nip him, but don't tell him I said that!
    Love, Piper

  3. Dear Piper,
    I love antlers, too! You can get different sizes and sometimes BOGO at, where my mom gets them! I love the venison jerky, too, and sometimes they send extra treats in the box that my mom didn't have to pay for! I hope you get some more antler chewing time soon.
    Love, Viggo the Basenji in MA.

  4. Dear Viggo,
    I am glad you have the good taste to like antlers, too! My mom bought some stuff from Petextras in the past, but it has been a long time since she did it, so I will remind her that she should do it on a more regular basis!
    Love, Piper