Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our New Air-Conditioner!

Guess what!  We have a brand-new air-conditioner in our back yard, and here's how we got it.  Yesterday morning we had to get up sort of early, and then Mom fed us Breakfast of Dogs.  And after that, she took Barry and Mel to doggy daycare.  And the reason she did that was because she knew the air-conditioner man was coming, and she didn't want Barry and Mel to bite him.

So then the man came, and his name was Harold.  He spent a long, long time working on the air-conditioner, like all day.  First he had to take out the old air-conditioner, which was ugly and green.  Also, it was 27 years old, which in dog years is 187.  And because it was so old, we were afraid it would stop working at any minute.   Here's a picture of the old air-conditioner sitting sideways on a cart.

Then another man came in a big truck and brought the new air-conditioner, which is all pretty and shiny and not ugly like the old one.  But before the new one could get hooked up, Harold had to do a bunch of stuff in the basement, like put in a new coil, which is a big, sort of triangular thing with lots of copper tubes that wind around in it.  And to put in the coil, he had to cut a bunch of metal to go around it.  And then he also made some tube things go out through the wall to the shiny, new air-conditioner outside, and also some electric wires.  It was all very complicated, so I mostly took a nap while it was going on.

After a while, it started getting hot in the house, like especially upstairs.  And Mom put a fan in the cats' room, but they were scared and mostly hid under the covers all day.  Mom even opened up the door and let me and Gabe and Charlie sniff at each other through the child gate, but then Charlie went and hid, and I didn't get to sniff him anymore.

What Mom did all day was first she wrote some emails, and then she drilled holes in some pots, and then she repotted some of her plants.  Then it got to be 5:30, so Mom had to go pick up Mel and Barry from doggy daycare and bring them home.  And she put them in our bedroom where we sleep, and I went in there with them, and Mom turned on the ceiling fan for us, and we were hungry because we hadn't had any supper.

Then we had to wait a really long time for Harold, the air-conditioner man, to go away, like until almost 9:30.  But after that, we had nice, cool air in our house, and we got to eat Supper of Dogs, so we didn't starve to death after all, which is what I thought might happen to us.

So that's the story of how we got our new air-conditioner.  And Mom said I should also put in a picture of our dumb garden gnome because Mom thinks he looks really cute in the garden.

Personally, I like the garden dog head better, so I will show you a picture of it, too.  It would be better if it were a basenji head, but at least it's not a gnome!


  1. Well, congrats on the new air-conditioner. It's nice to feel that cool air on a hot day, no? Newer models are much better, efficiency-wise, compared to the older models.

  2. Having a new AC unit is like having a new place to live in. Why? Well, it’s because, somehow, the cold breeze changes the room’s atmosphere. The change in temperature can also lead to a change in mood, for the better. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the new unit you got. Congratulations! And oh, by the way, your garden might look amusing if you add more ornaments like those. =)

  3. Well, at least you got the AC installed before you sleep. It would be uncomfortable to sleep when the weather is humid. Anyway, I think the dog gnome would be lovelier if it were colored. I just thought that it would be noticeable with lively color/s.

  4. The good thing is that you got to install your air conditioner before midnight. At least you got to rest with a cool atmosphere after a hot and long day. :D I love your garden dog too, by the way. It looks really cute. I think you should paint it so that it could catch more attention. Haha!

    Alyssa Flynn

  5. I can see that your air-conditioner is placed in a good spot, huh! That’s great! It would be better though if you cover it so that it will not exposed to direct sunlight and prevent its exterior from rusting and fading.

  6. I'm super late to this, but congratulations on the new AC! I'm sure it was a relief to have cool, clean air through the house again. 27 years is a LONG time for an AC unit, but all the rust might have been dangerous to everyone in the house already. Good to know it's been replaced with an awesome new unit!