Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some Nice Homeless Dogs for You to Adopt

Here are some of the nice dogs at the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City that need to find their forever homes, so if you can help them out with that, I know they would be really happy.

This first dog is Skippy, and he is only 7 months old.  He is very playful and fun and sweet, but guess what -- he's deaf!  So if you give him a command, you have to use a hand signal.  But he has already learned "sit" and "down" because some of the volunteers at the shelter have been working with him.  Also he keeps his head tilted just a little to one side, which is probably because of some problem with his nerves that he was born with.  But he can run and chase balls and do everything else just fine.  Skippy is an Australian Shepherd, maybe mixed with a little something else.  He likes other dogs and people and he is just a friendly, happy dog.

Oreo is still a puppy.  He's only 10 weeks old.  He's living in a foster home, so Mom has never met him in person, but he looks really cute in his photos.  And as I have told you before, black-and-white dogs are the very best!  Oreo is maybe a shih tzu mixed with border collie, but it's hard to know for sure.

Danny is a furry guy who was hanging out with a bunch of homeless dogs on the streets.  He is a little shy, but he's getting more brave now that he's been at the shelter for a while.  He's about 2 years old and is probably a chow mix.  Also he has a very sweet face.  Danny is bigger than he looks in this photo.  He probably weighs 50 pounds or so.  He is a very nice dog who gets along with other dogs just fine.  In fact, since he's used to living in a pack, the people at the shelter want Danny to have a home where there is at least one other dog.

This is Liza, who's a minature dachshund.  Liza is 6 years old and weighs 14 pounds.  Mom really, really likes Liza, even though Mom is usually not that charmed by dachshunds.  Liza is a total lap dog, and she just likes to be petted, and while you're petting her, she will look at you with her big, beautiful brown eyes.  Liza ended up at the shelter because her owner died, so she needs a home where someone is home a lot and she can get a whole bunch of loving.

Carly is really cute, and Mom says she reminds her of me.  Carly's 2 years old, and she's maybe some kind of terrier mix, but Mom thinks Carly might have a little basenji in her because of her curly tail and white toes.  Carly weighs 14 pounds, just like Liza, who is her kennel mate.  Carly is very playful and lively and fun, and she's pretty much the perfect size.  Also she has that one silly ear that doesn't want to stand up!

Now I will tell you a sad story that has a happy ending.  This story is about these last two dogs, Romeo and Juliet.  Some horrible, awful people moved out of their house and left the two dogs all shut up in there with no food.  And it took almost a month before somebody noticed the dogs were there and they got rescued.  By then, Romeo and Juliet were very, very thin, and you could see all their bones, and they had some other health problems, too.  But the nice people at the shelter are taking good care of them and feeding them, and the two dogs are already getting lots better.  Mom got to play with Romeo and Juliet Monday, and she said they were both very friendly dogs.  Juliet just likes to lie on the floor and put her head in Mom's lap and get petted.  And Romeo likes to get petted, too.  And of course they both like treats.

Juliet is a mix between a Gordon Setter and a spaniel.  She is about 3 years old.

Romeo is part pit bull and part German Shepherd.  The people at the shelter want to keep Romeo and Juliet together because of all the bad stuff they went through, and that way they will get to go through good stuff together in their new home.


  1. Is Oreo still available?

    1. No, he was adopted long ago. Take a look at to see the dogs and cats available now.