Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Weekend From Hell!

Today is the beginning of the Weekend From Hell, which is what Mom has been calling this weekend for several months.  The reason she calls it this is not because bad things are going to happen, but just because lots and lots of things are going to happen, and she is going to try to do them all, which is kind of dumb, if you ask me.

The worst part for us dogs starts today because Mom is abandoning us at Pooches' Paradise, and then she is going away to St. Louis for TWO WHOLE NIGHTS!  This is a horrible thing for her to do to us, but we could not talk her out of doing it.  She said we were just lucky that she decided to come back to Kansas City for part of the weekend instead of spending the whole weekend in St. Louis.

So anyway, the reason Mom is going to St. Louis is because there is a meeting there called the Mid-States Cactus Conference.  And you can go there and buy cactus plants and listen to people talk about cactus plants, and it all sounds very dull to me, but nobody asked for my opinion.  This meeting thing happens every other year, and in 2012 it will happen in Kansas City, so Mom will be really busy then, but that is a long ways off and I don't even want to think about it.

Well, after Mom goes to the cactus conference Thursday and Friday, she is going to drive back home on Saturday.  This is good because then she can rescue us from Pooches' Paradise, and we can go back to our own house.  But on Saturday night, Mom is going out again for a reunion sort of thing, and it's to celebrate 40 years since she graduated from high school.  Here's a picture of the high school Mom went to, which is called Oak Park High School, and it's in the north part of Kansas City.

Anyway, at the reunion, Mom might see some people that she sort of remembers from high school and also some people she doesn't remember at all.  Mom says it's hard to recognize people because they look older and fatter and balder and wrinklier and different in lots of ways.  So that's why people always wear name tags at these events, so they can figure out who they are.  If people had better noses, like dogs do, they could just sniff each other and remember that way because it's easier to remember a smell than to remember a face.  Or at least that's what I think.

So then on Sunday morning, the Humane Society has this big event to raise money, and it's call Dog-n-Jog.  Mom went to it last year and took Mel, and they walked for 2 miles and raised $200.  But this year Mom thought she would just help out with the adoptable dogs, so that's what she signed up to do.  But then yesterday she found out there were more volunteers than dogs, so she doesn't have to do that.  She might go to Dog-n-Jog anyway, though, and she said she might take me along, if she goes there.  But not if it's raining.  I refuse to go there if it's raining!

The last thing that happens in the Weekend From Hell is that Mom is going to a concert Sunday afternoon.  It is the Heartland Men's Chorus, and they always have good concerts, so Mom doesn't want to miss it.  And Aunt LaDene is going with her.  

Then after Mom comes home from the concert -- which will be past our suppertime -- we can all relax and watch TV and go back to having a normal life.  And maybe after that, I can write in my blog again, because I think it's probably best if my blog hides out until the Weekend From Hell is over with!


  1. Why does your mom want to go to a cactus convention? Cacti are owie and are not edible. We have some in our yard and your mom is welcome to all of them! She can have the yuccas and thistles too if she'd like. Of course if she plants them in your yard, you then have to be very careful where you put your feet because they really hurt when they stick you. I think it would make more sense if your mom were to learn about planting zucchini because those are yummy and not owie. Although my mom says the leaves and stalks are a little prickly, but not like the cacti. Of course if you plant them, you have to put a fence around them to keep the bunnies out of them so us basenjis can eat the zuc's all to ourselves.

    Your friend
    Zest, superstar in training

  2. Dear Zest,
    I just got home from Pooches' Paradise because Mom came and rescued us! This morning we had a Big Storm with like 3 inches of rain, so now our yard is a swamp again and I do not want to go there to potty.

    Mom said to tell you that you CAN eat the cactus plants that are called prickly pears, but you have to take the owie spines off first. Mom doesn't grow any cacti or yuccas outside because she does not want us dogs to get hurt on them. Also our yard is not what you would call "well-drained," which is why it is like a swamp right now. Cacti don't like getting their feet wet, just the same as I don't.

    Anyway, Mom doesn't grow very many cactus plants. She mostly grows other types of succulent plants because they are not always dying, like the cacti are. Mom bought some plants at the conference, and some of them were expensive, so now Mom says she may not be able to afford dog food. This is very alarming, and I will have to talk more about it the next time I write in my blog.

    Your friend, Piper

  3. WOW...your mom is B-U-S-Y!! I am certainly HAPPY to know that your mom is RETURNING from St. Louis today, to attend her high school reunion, because I will be there and I always enjoying seeing your mom! I know you are more than ready to come home....maybe you ARE home by now!! Talk to you later!
    Love, AP