Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's too HOT!

The weather is totally disgusting!  It's been really hot every single day for like forever, and every day we have a thing called Excessive Heat Warning.  And what that means is that you should not go outside your house except maybe really fast, just to potty, because if you go out there, you might DIE from the excessive heat!  At least that's what I think this warning means, and I am taking it very seriously.

Mom is also taking the warning seriously, or else maybe she is just using it as an excuse to be lazy.  But she doesn't make us dogs go for walks now because it is too hot.  And she hasn't mowed the grass lately either because it is too hot.  So we all mostly just stay inside where it's cool.

Sometimes we have big rain storms, with lots of thunder and lightning, and this makes Barry and Mel be very scared.  But I'm not scared of storms.  I am very brave.  But after the storms, I don't like to go outside because I am afraid of getting my feet wet.  Gabe feels the same way, so Mom has to take us out on special potty trips in the front yard and in the street.

Oh, and guess what happened one night last week!  Gabe was sleeping with Mom, and Mom woke up and she found out her whole sleeve was wet!  And the reason why it was wet was because Gabe peed in bed!  But he didn't really mean to pee there.  The pee just sort of came out when he was asleep because he forgot to pee before we went to bed.  He might have even forgot to pee all day long, but we're not sure about that.

Anyway, Mom got out of bed and she took Gabe to the back door, but he wouldn't go outside because it was starting to rain.  So she had to take him out the front door, and she was barefooted and wearing her nightshirt, and it was sort of raining.  But luckily, it was trash day, so there was a trash bag nearby that Gabe could pee on.  Then Mom had to take all the sheets off the bed plus also one pillow that got wet, and she had to try to clean up the mattress, and she had to put clean sheets on the bed, and also she had to change her nightshirt.  Then after that, we all went back to sleep.  Whew!

Anyway, besides cleaning up after us dogs, Mom has been doing some stuff to get ready for the big cactus club show and sale, which will happen next month.  And one thing she did was that she and Aunt Barbara put labels and stamps on a whole bunch of postcards, like 1,040 (but who's counting?) so that they could get mailed out to tell people to come and spend lots of money buying plants.

And then what Mom did all day yesterday was she got a bunch of artwork ready to take to Art Unleashed, which is that big auction thingy that I told you about last year where they sell artwork to raise money to help the poor, homeless dogs and cats.  Anyway, Mom bought some artwork that she is going to donate for the auction.

Then after that, Mom made a piece of artwork herself, which is a collage of weird stuff all glued together.  It's supposed to look like a cat, but I think it just looks like a bunch of junk glued together.  We don't know if anybody will buy it, but maybe someone will pay a couple of dollars for it.  Mom is not really an artist, which you can tell just by looking at this collage thing.  I guess if people start laughing at Mom's artwork, I can just claim I don't know her!

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