Friday, August 13, 2010


Mom is not much fun these days because all she does is play with her plants and worry about the dumb old Cactus Show, which will be this weekend.  I hate it when the cactus show comes around every year because Mom is gone for most of three days in a row, so there's nothing for us dogs to do except stay home and sleep.

Anyway, Mom already took all the plants that she is going to try to sell over to the Loose Park Garden Center yesterday because that is the place where the show and sale will be.  Mom is trying to sell more plants this year than usual.  She hopes she will sell about 50 plants.  Some of them are very small, but others are pretty big.  If she sells them, I think we will probably be rich, and Mom can buy us lots and lots of yummy dog treats.  But Mom says she will not make enough money for us to be rich, even if she sells all 50 plants, so that's kind of sad.  And what's even sadder is that she is likely to just turn around and spend the money buying more plants, which is totally stupid, if you ask me.

Last night Mom got all her show plants ready to take to the show.  She had to "groom" them, which she says is a little bit like grooming a dog, except that a plant holds still better than a dog does.  And then after she got them all cleaned up, Mom had to pack all the plants in boxes with lots of newspaper around them so they won't fall over or hurt each other while she is driving them to the show.

Then today Mom will be at the Loose Park Garden Center all day long, helping to set up all the show plants and sale plants, and it's a really big job, so she will be all tired and hot when she gets home.  Also she probably won't get home in time for us to eat Supper of Dogs on time, which is another thing I hate about the cactus show.

Well, now that I told you all the bad stuff that we dogs don't like about the cactus show, I will tell you that Mom thinks it is a pretty fun thing, even if it is a bunch of work.  And she said I should tell everybody who lives in Kansas City that they should come on over and check it out.  So that's what I'm telling you to do.  Loose Park is at 51st and Wornall Road, and the Garden Center is just west of the big, huge picnic pavilion thing.  And you can go there anytime Saturday between 9:00 and 5:00, or on Sunday between 11:00 and 4:00.

Okay, now I'm going to take a nap.  Just wake me up Sunday evening, after the cactus show is over!


  1. WOWIE ZOWIE! Dodi here! I have never heard or seen a cactus before! I would love to chew on one though, and my sister, Di, would too - well Di always lets me try something new out first then she might give it a try. She's much much much more careful than I am. My mom said she would really like to attend the Cactus show, but not sure she can make it! I told her to go and take me along, but she kind of gave me that "odd" look when she's not in agreement to my ideas. My mom also told me she thinks it's really neat that your mom devotes so much time to her plants. Don't tell your mom, but I agree with you - what's the big deal about stupid plants? Plus - I think it would be much more fun to just play with dogs and/or cats! Have a nice long nap, as that's what Di and I have planned for today since my mom is busy with her mom, and I think that's why my mom seems to be a bit stressed today. I hope my mom let's me write again.
    Love, Dodi and AP

  2. I don't see what the big deal is over some stupid cactus plants. Our mom says you can't ear them as some, well most, have real sharp needles, and they sting. We don't like getting stinged, the kitties have stingy things, and they hurt!
    Take a nap and maybe when you wake up, it will be Sunday night.

  3. So sorry, Piper, my paws got in the way. Its suppose to say, you can't EAT the cactus.

  4. My mom says she wishes she could trade places with you. She'd like a 3 day nap and that way you could get all the agility stuff ready for the BCOA. I help, but honestly, it is exhausting work. Plus I have all my regular important work like chasing rabbits, robins and keeping up with the neighbors.

    Your friend
    Zest, superstar in training

  5. Well, my mom got home finally about 6 p.m., which was a WHOLE HOUR after Supper of Dogs was supposed to be served. And then all she did was complain about how tired her feet were and how tired her back was and how hungry she was. But now we all had our supper, so we are feeling better. And Mom is glad that the show is all set up and ready to start tomorrow.

    I'm glad you guys agree that plants are dumb. The 3 Amigos are right about not wanting to chew on any of the spiny ones because they sting your mouth. And there's one kind of plant called Euphorbia, and it has white juice in it, and the white juice tastes icky, plus it can make you sick, so you don't want to chew on that plant either. Personally, I think it's better to chew on pillows and blankets.

    Zest, my mom says to tell your mom that she's sorry she has to work so hard to set up the agility stuff, but I'm sure you will all have fun and it will be worth it in the end!

    Okay, back to napping now!