Monday, August 23, 2010

Cats do NOT rule! Sheesh!

I can't believe Mom let that crazy Chloe take over my blog and write that dumb entry yesterday.  It's pretty clear to me that things got totally out of control while we dogs were being held prisoner at Pooches' Paradise.  I heard that the cats were running all over the house, and Charlie even went down in the basement when Mom was doing the laundry.  And during the night, the cats kept jumping on the bed while Mom was trying to sleep, and Chloe was sharpening her claws on the mattress.  Mom really needed us dogs here to protect her from all this silliness.  But now we are back, so the cats had better beware!  

Friday night there was a big storm here with lots of wind and stuff, and that made Barry and Mel really nervous.  But we all survived the storm, and Barry did not rip any of his teeth out, like he did that one time when he was being boarded during a storm.

Mom told me that she and her friends who were driving to Des Moines had to drive through a really scary part of the storm, and it rained so hard that they almost couldn't see the road sometimes.  Mom was glad that Aunt Judy was driving and not her.  By the time they got to Des Moines, it had stopped raining, so they were glad about that.  

Oh, and remember that I told you Mom would buy some plants?  Well, sure enough, I was right!  She bought 7 plants.  But they were mostly small ones and not too expensive.  Two of them were aloes, and two were hoyas, one was a haworthia, one was an echeveria, and one was a gasteria.  Just in case you wanted to know.

Last night we watched a show on the Animal Planet that was about the Great Rift Valley, which is in the east part of Africa.  There are some really deep lakes there and high mountains, and also hot springs and geysers and all kinds of weird stuff.  We  also saw a bunch of interesting animals on the show.  We saw some hippos fighting, and one of them got killed, and we saw lions and cheetahs hunting.  And we also saw vultures and pink flamingos and lots of baboons and monkeys and mountain gorillas.  Oh, and they showed some bats in a cave and some fish down in the lakes.  And there were wildebeests and buffalos and scary crocodiles.

But we did not see any basenjis.  And I think this is because they were only showing wild animals, and also because basenjis live more in the middle and west parts of Africa, instead of in the east part.

Anyway, I'm glad we don't have any crocodiles around here, because they have big mouths with lots and lots of teeth, and they could eat up a little basenji in one big chomp!


  1. Piper, we were going to write and tell you that Chloe had written on your blog, but then if she had written on your blog, maybe she wouldn't let you get our message. We were so confused. We understand that it was out of your control, being held prisoner at that awful place. Glad to hear though that Mel and Barry survived the storm. Glad that you are all back home again, and keeping the cats in their place.

  2. Dear 3 Amigos,
    Thanks for worrying about my blog being taken over by a cat. Everything is back under control now, so that is good. I hope you are keeping the kitties at your house in their proper place.
    Your friend, Piper

  3. I *knew* you were so not going to be happy about that whole cat thing. Digital the brindlewonderkid says we are NOT allowed to have cats here, and what ever he tells mom is the way things are. I wish he'd tell mom to feed me more, but he won't. She listens to him.

    Since you didn't see any basenjis on your tele, maybe you should come to Colorado in week. Rumor has it there will be plenty here then.

    Zest, superstar in training

  4. Dear Zest,
    I wish we could come to Colorado because I would like to meet you in person and watch you do your superstar agility thing. But Mom says she is done with traveling for the year, so we are just staying home. I went to the Basenji National when it was in St. Louis last time, and I liked seeing all the basenjis there. I got to talk to an animal communicator, and she said I was feeling nervous, but Mom already figured that out, so she was not too impressed with the animal communicator.
    Your friend, Piper

  5. Di here - hello Piper! Sorry you had to spend your weekend at a horrible place with the name "Paradise" in it over the weekend. I don't know that word, but my mom said that "Pooches Paradise" is a VERY VERY NICE PLACE, but between you and me, what do humans know? I doubt your mom or my mom would like to go to some nice place, yeah right, then be put in a cage. My mom puts Dodi and I in a cage every time we go to the Humane Society.

    I'm glad you're all back home, and I hope you won't be mad at me, but it was nice blogging with another cat, but I realize this is YOUR blog! :)
    Love, Di

  6. Dear Di,
    Thanks for welcoming me back to my blog. You are pretty nice, even if you are a cat! I have forgiven Chloe for taking over my blog, but I think I will stay home for a while now and make sure this kind of silly thing does not happen again!
    Your friend, Piper