Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hi!  I'm Chloe the Cat!  You will not believe the fantastic thing that happened here in our foster home.  Our foster mom took all the dogs away Friday morning and got rid of them.  So now it's just us cats here.  Friday night, even our foster mom wasn't here, and we had the WHOLE HOUSE totally to ourselves.

And then yesterday afternoon, our foster mom came home again, but she didn't bring any dogs with her, so then we had her AND the house all to ourselves.  Obviously, this is the way things should be.  I can't believe it took our foster mom so long to figure this out.  She is pretty slow about some things.  Like, for instance, she does not understand that we need lots more food than she has been giving us.  She keeps talking about our "losing weight," but we don't care about that.  We just want to eat.  We LOVE to eat.  Eating is extremely important to us.  If we don't get to eat enough, we might die.

When our foster mom went away Friday, she gave us a bunch of food, so we were happy because we thought she had realized at long last that that is what we need and want.  So we ate all the food right away.  But then she didn't come home Friday night to feed us, so we got kind of hungry.   And then we were still hungry Saturday morning and most of the day Saturday until she finally got home and fed us again.

But now everything is lovely, and I hope it stays this way forever.  Our foster mom says she cannot adopt us, so somebody else will have to give us a Forever Home.  But maybe she will change her mind about that.

You know, this blogging stuff is kind of fun.  Now that we don't have any dogs here, maybe I can take over this blog and make it nicer and more cat-friendly.  Just keep your paws crossed, and we'll see what happens.


  1. I excited or what? Di here - another cat and I think we may be from the same breed! I was soooo excited when I saw a CAT writing the blog today, and I don't get excited about anything. My brother, Dodi, gets excited about everything. How neat-o that you and Charlie (I think the name is Charlie?) got the house to yourself - there's so much much to do when alone in a house. I understand about wanting to eat alot too - my mom is also kind of strict about that, just because Dodi went and got fat! I wish I could talk my mom into letting you and Charlie live with us, but she keeps saying she can't add more pets or she'll be in BIG trouble. I don't understand that at all. Enjoy your time while the dogs are away - I wonder if they'll ever come back? My mom says they WILL but we can always hope!! :)
    Love, Di

  2. Dear Di,
    I am glad you got excited about my post! Charlie and I are having the best time here this morning, playing and running around. I'm sure we will convince our foster mom that she doesn't need to bring any of those stupid dogs back here. The only bad thing is that I think our foster mom is getting ready to vacuum our room, which is very scary. She says she wants to do it while we can run to some other part of the house to hide. I think she shouldn't do it at all because who cares if there is a bunch of kitty litter on the floor?
    Your feline friend, Chloe

  3. Hi Chloe,

    We live in a house where cats were never going to be adopted again! Oh, yes, our mom and dad were done adopting cats! No more cats! Ha ha ha... we fooled them! Just be very purry and sweet and cuddly... your foster mom will cave in! And then you can start bossing the dogs around and rule the roost like all cats should, all the time!!

    Your friends in Oregon,
    Bo & Georgie

  4. Dear Bo and Georgie,
    Thanks for the excellent advice. I will try to follow it and I will tell Charlie to do the same!
    Your friend, Chloe