Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gabe and I are WINNERS!

Guess what!  Mom belongs to this group called Basenji Companions, and every year they have a photo contest.  So every year Mom sends in a bunch of photos of me and Gabe because (1) we're basenjis and (2) we're totally adorable.  And then all the people in the group can vote on which photos they like the best.  So here are the photos of Gabe and me that won prizes.  Maybe I have put them in my blog before, but I don't care.  They are really cute, so you can just look at them again!  Hahahahaha!

This picture of me won FIRST PLACE in the Facial Expressions category:

And this one of Gabe won SECOND in the same category:

Here's the other one where we got a FIRST PLACE prize, and the category was My BooBoo:

Then in the category of Seasons, Gabe and I tied for SECOND PLACE.  Here's the picture of Gabe:

And here's the one of me:

There's a category called My Basenji that is just kind of for portraits and photos that don't fit in the other categories.  Here's a lovely shot of me that got THIRD PLACE:

And this last one is a picture of Gabe that Mom took on Christmas Eve, when it was very cold and snowy outside.  It got THIRD PLACE in the Spoiled Rotten Basenji category:

I wish the prizes were tons and tons of yummy dog treats, but all we get is some boring ribbons which Mom won't even let us chew up.  Oh, and we also get about three minutes of fame!


  1. Congrats to you and Gabe for being champions and to Mom for taking the pictures.
    Aunt Lynn

  2. well of course you are winners. i would not waste my time reading blogs of loosers.

    your friend,
    Zest, superstar in training

  3. Zest, you are very funny! LOL! And thanks, Aunt Lynn, for your comment, too.

    Your winning friend, Piper

  4. CONGRATS!! I must admit the term "adorable" is abosultey right on - ADORABLE!! My favorite photos are the last two; the one of Gabe on Christmas Eve is nothing short of "cute or sweet!"

    Forgive me for being a couple days late in replying, I've been a bit busy....and NOT the kind of busy I enjoy! :)
    Love, AP

  5. Dear Aunt Patty,
    Thank you for recognizing the adorableness of me and Gabe. I don't know if you noticed, but that quilt Gabe is sleeping under in the last photo is a little torn around the edges. I can't tell you how it got that way, though, because I have to protect the identity of the guilty dog or dogs.
    Love, Piper