Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mostly Back to Normal

Whew!  The Cactus Show is finally over with, and Mom is staying home more, but she is still sort of resting up and trying to get caught up with everything.  She didn't put her plants back where they belong yet, so they are still sitting in boxes on the floor.  But maybe today she will have time to put them away.

The cactus club did not make as much money as they do some years at the show, so that was kind of sad.  A lot of people came there, but they did not spend as much money as they do some years.  Maybe this was because of the Bad Economy.  Or maybe it was because one of the vendors couldn't come, so there was not so much variety in the plants to buy.  But Mom sold a whole bunch of her plants, so at least we are a little richer than we used to be, and yesterday Mom went to Petco and bought some dog food and yummy treats.  Which made all of us dogs very happy.

Mom won a bunch of blue ribbons, which she usually does.  A blue ribbon is the best kind to have because it means you are Number One in that class.  But this year Mom also won something called a Rosette because the judges thought one of her plants was the Best Succulent in the whole show!  Mom was very, very excited about this because in all the years she has been showing plants, like maybe almost 30, she has never won a Rosette.

Here is a picture of the plant that got the Rosette.  It is called Petopentia natalensis, which is one of those weird scientific names.  I think it would be better to just call it Gertrude or Floyd or something like that, but nobody asked me.

Anyway, now that the cactus show is over with, we can get back to a more normal life.  And we started doing that already yesterday morning when Mom took us out to hunt cicadas.  The weather got a little cooler, so it was a good time to go hunt cicadas.  Gabe and I found a whole bunch of them while we were out with Mom, and we gobbled them all up as soon as we found them.

Then Mom took Mel and Barry out to hunt cicadas, and they found a lot of them, too.  I think it is probably the best time of the whole year right now to hunt cicadas, and this makes me very happy.

Oh, and here's some more news.  Gabe has a big, bad Urinary Tract Infection.  He had to get some of his urine sent to the lab, and they made the bacteria in it grow, but none of the drugs they used would kill the bacteria, so they will have to try some different drugs, and Mom will have to pay extra money for them to do that.  This did not make her happy, but she wants Gabe to not be sick, so she agreed to pay the extra money.

Our cats are getting very bold, and sometimes they come in the computer room while I am working on writing my blog.  Or other times one of them will come in the bedroom at night while we are sleeping.  And Sunday night they snuck down the stairs while Mom and Barry and Gabe were watching TV and went in the kitchen.  But then they got spooked and ran back up the stairs.  And Gabe never even woke up and knew they were there.

Charlie doesn't poop on the bed anymore because Mom switched to a different kind of kitty litter, and also she got a second litter box, so each cat has a litter box.  This seems silly to me because we dogs do not each need a separate back yard to use for peeing and pooping.  But I guess cats are just more fussy and more trouble than dogs.


  1. Piper, we are so glad for you guys that the cactus show is over, and your mom is staying home now. Even if she is resting up. That rosette looks good enough to eat! Have you tried that yet?

    Sorry to hear about Gabe's UTI. Hope they can find the right drugs to cure that. Is he in pain from that, I wonder?

    I have to tell you that cats are very funny about sharing their litter box with another cat. When they are kittens, not so much, but as they get older, they don't like that. Mom still has a litter box in her room, as that is where the cats eat, and when they eat, she has to shut the door, so us dogs don't go in and gobble up their food. Dannii and Jenna are real good about doing that. Since these cats are brother and sister, they don't mind sharing their box. We had two cats (which now live outside)that would NOT share a box, so mom got another litter box, one cat used both, and the other started going on the floor. Mom was NOT happy. Then Jenna came here to live and chased both cats outside. Mom was happy and kind of sad at the same time. One of those cats will be 12 in October. That's the only cat that she has had that has lived that long, so far.

    Your friends,

  2. Dear Amigos,
    I wish I could eat Mom's rosette, but she has it hanging on the wall right now, where I can't reach it. Maybe she will forget later and leave it lying around someplace.

    Gabe probably doesn't feel good because of his UTI. Sometimes he gets grumpy and snaps at me, even though I didn't really do anything bad to him. Also sometimes he doesn't feel much like eating his breakfast, and one time he puked it back up again. I even got to eat some of the puke, but then Barry came and chased me away and finished eating the rest of it.

    It sounds like your mom knows a lot about litter boxes and stuff like that. Do you ever get to eat some yummy snacks out of the litter box? That's what I'd like to do!
    Your friend, Piper

  3. Please tell Gabe I am sooo sorry about his uti! Your mom is a really nice mom to pay more money for the medication...glad she earned some extra at the cactus show. :) A a big CONGRATULATIONS to your mom for winning the "Rosette" that would be like you winning best in show at a dog show! WOW! Well...I promised Dodi he could say a few words.

    HI - Dodi here. Cats can be a bit finicky about their litter box. Di and I share one, but our mom has never offered us two litter boxes and we were raised from babies on one. Actually we had one litter box for 11 kittens when our mom came and got us at the Humane Society. My mom tells me the other two cats she had, Shi and Cali, insisted on two separate litter boxes. I think it's very nice of you to put a photo of one of your foster cats on today's blog. I wish my mom would put a picture of Di and I on her facebook page, but she can't figure out how to do so - because all the pictures are on her cell phone. Sometimes my mom is kind of silly about figuring things out - but please don't tell her I said that. Mom says it's time to say good-bye. Oops almost forgot to say that I'm glad your household is back to normal.
    Love, Dodi and AP

  4. Hi Piper, I thought I'd write and tell you to eat your mom's rosette, but I see someone else already did! So it must be a VERY GOOD IDEA if more than one of us has this idea. It will make you poop blue!

    Or, maybe you could eat your mom's prize winning succulent but then again it won't make you poop blue so that would be boring. Plus, maybe your mom can win more rosettes with this plant for you to eat!

    I hope Gabe feels better soon, tell him to get well! And I think your mom should keep your kitties forever and ever... don't you? Aren't they fun? I love my kitties.

    Your black and white friend in Oregon, Corky

  5. Wow, I am getting so hungry with everybody talking about me eating Mom's rosette! I guess I would have some prize-winning poop if I ate it, huh?

    I don't know about keeping the kitties forever, but maybe it would be fun. It would be easier to get to know them if Gabe didn't always think he should chase them back into their room. At least they are getting some nice exercise by jumping over the gate!

    Your friend, Piper