Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Neighbors' New Roof

Our neighbors on one side of us are getting a new roof.  They have been getting the new roof for a week now, but they are still not finished getting it.  These are not the neighbors where Henry the wheaten terrier lives.  These are the neighbors on the other side of us.  They don't have a dog, which is sad, because everybody should have a dog.  Or at least a cat.

Anyway, the reason these people have to get a new roof is because their old roof was really, really old.  And the reason it was so very old is because there used to be an old couple named Mr. and Mrs. Price who lived in that house, and they didn't do much to fix up the house, on account of maybe they didn't have much money in their old age.

So when Mom first moved into our house, Mr. Price had to have an oxygen tank thing all the time, but Mrs. Price seemed like she was healthier, and she liked to sit outside and read books.  Then she surprised everybody by dying first, even though everyone thought Mr. Price would die first.  And then after a year or so, he died, too.

And after that, the house was for sale and somebody bought it really cheap because it needed a lot of work.  So this guy that bought it did a little work, but he did not fix the roof, and then he sold it again, and the next guy did some more work, but he did not fix the roof either.  And then the house was for sale for a long time, and finally a family bought it, and they are the ones who live there now.  And this family is made up of a mom named Michelle, who is a fire fighter, and two kids named Katy and Jacob.  And no dogs.

So this family has lived there like maybe three years now, and they have been fixing up different parts of the house every year.  And now they are finally getting a new roof.  And after they get the new roof, they are going to get new paint on the house.  We don't know what color the house will be when it is painted, but we hope it won't be white because white is boring.

Anyway, Mom says she has never seen a roofing job take as long as this one is taking but there is a lot of stuff to be done besides the roof, like for instance new trim has to be put on because the old trim is sort of rotten.  Also there are only three guys doing this whole job.  And the three guys are (1) the long-haired guy who smokes, (2) the shirtless guy with lots of tattoos, and (3) the very friendly Hispanic guy.

Mom didn't get a photo of the shirtless guy, which is kind of sad because he has nice muscles.  Not that Mom pays much attention to that sort of thing.  Mostly she is interested in his tattoos, but it's kind of hard to see them very well, just looking out our bedroom window.  But what we can see for sure is that he has a really big spider tattoo on his back.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that there is a big huge orange trash thing in the neighbors' driveway, and now it is mostly full of roof trash.  Aunt Michelle told Mom that she could put trash in the orange thing, too, if she wanted, so Mom took a rug over there that she was going to throw away, and she put it in the orange thing.  The reason Mom had to throw this rug away is because Gabe peed on it while his pee was still really stinky from his UTI, and Mom didn't want to try to clean the rug again because she already had to clean it once before when the same thing happened to it.

Well, okay, that's all I'm going to say about the neighbors' roof.  I'm just glad we don't have to get a new roof on our house because it is a noisy, messy thing to have happen right up above your head, and I don't think I would like it very much!


  1. Our neighbors to the north are getting a new roof too!!! Of couse it wasn't that long ago that they got a new roof, but there was some hail damage, so they get another new roof.

    In other news, mom and dad (mostly dad) packed up all my agility equipment. Evidently I now have to share **MY** equipment with other basenjis. Other than just my brothers. I think it is very nice of me to share like that.

    Your friend,
    Zest, superstar in training.

  2. Dear Zest,
    Are you getting ready to leave for the Nationals? You are very generous to share your equipment, but I think that the other basenjis should let you win, in exchange for sharing your equipment.
    Your friend, Piper

  3. Di here - mom said I could write today, since Dodi had problems writing yesterday. mom had a new roof put on her house years ago, and it only took 2-3 days. She said that's because it was an entire family working on it, and they worked from early morning until almost dark.

    I think your neighbors should have pets. Sometimes I wonder about people who don't want a cat or dog - cats are very easy to have! :) Mom said if they don't, to just let it be because maybe they don't want any, and those type of people shouldn't have any. I bet if they had you or me as a pet, then they'd be so happy they'd want even more.
    Time to close, my mom says the oven is ready to start baking - I have no idea what that mean.
    Love, Di

  4. Dear Di,
    I hope your mom is baking you some kitty biscuits in the oven. If she makes you some and you don't like them, just send them to me, and I will eat them!

    Mom says she thinks that the reason our neighbors don't have pets is because Aunt Michelle is a fire figher, so she has a strange schedule. She has to work for 24 hours straight, and then she gets 48 hours to not work. And when she's working, the kids go stay with their dad. So they couldn't really have a dog, but it still seems like they could have a cat. That's just my own personal opinion, though.
    Love, Piper

  5. Wow, their house went through a lot of changes, huh? But it's a good thing that the house is finally receiving the love it needs, especially the roof.

  6. LOL @ the roof's story! It was neglected by, how many? 3 people? That's crazy. Good thing the family that lives there now was able to provide the home a new roof. Still, it took 3 years. Well, we have a saying that "it's better late than never." :)

    [Nelson Kamaka]

  7. You have to wonder why the first two owners forego repairing the roof. As a piece of property grows older, the more likely it is to need maintenance because the materials are subjected to weathering and aging. Anyway, how’s your neighbor’s roof now? I would advise your neighbor to have the roof done by a professional. Taking too long to fix the roof can impair the other activities in the house.

    1. The roof seems to be fine, now that it got replaced. I think the previous people who bought it to fix up and sell again were just trying to do as little as possible on the house so that maybe they could make more money. But the people who live there now knew they were buying a fixer-upper, and they are still doing some stuff to make it better (mostly inside the house, so we can't see what they are doing!).

  8. A roofing job for a week or so is definitely a long time. In our situation, we were lucky because we got the finished product in just two days. Well, perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Price’s old roof really needed an extreme renovation.

    1. That roof was in pretty bad shape, and some of the structural stuff under it had to be replaced, too. Plus there were only 3 guys doing the job. Most people around here who get new roofs get them in just two days, like you did. We are happy that we haven't had to replace our roof yet because it is a messy, noisy job.

  9. Well, good thing the new owner decided to get the roof repaired. After all, it would be a waste to have such a beautiful home damaged by a rotting roof. Also, I wish you posted some pictures when the work was finished! A roofing job usually lasts for 3 days, but their roofers took a week to get it fixed. Maybe there was so much damage that it took them so long to finish it.

  10. Roofs are supposed to be inspected and cleaned as often as six to twelve months to maintain their good quality and appearance. As you mentioned, your neighbor’s roof was getting really old, so there’s a huge possibility that it wasn’t being maintained well. It may have led to too many roof damages, which is probably why the roof installation took that long.