Sunday, August 8, 2010


The cicadas are out all the time now, and they make lots of loud noises way up in the trees.  I think that when they make these noises, they are saying "Ha, ha!  You dogs can't eat us when we are way up here!"  It's pretty annoying to hear the cicadas talk like this, but what they are too dumb to know is that when they make all that racket in the trees, they are just telling the birds where they are, and the birds can come and eat them.  Ha!

Hunting for yummy cicadas
Anyway, we had a few days when it was cooler weather, so Mom took us out cicada hunting.  She calls this "going for a walk," but we know the real reason we are out there.  Other days it's too hot for Mom to take us cicada hunting, so she says we can just hunt cicadas in the back yard.  Which is what we do.  In fact, we go running out the door first thing every morning to see if there are any cicadas on the patio.  Mom worries about her plants because sometimes we knock them over while we are on the trail of a juicy cicada, but Mom just needs to understand how very, very important it is for us to catch cicadas.

One of Mom's plants blooming.
 It's called a stapelia.
Lately, Mom has been paying way too much attention to her plants, if you ask me.  And the reason for this is because next weekend will be the cactus show and sale, so Mom has been trying to get some plants ready to sell, and she also has to decide which plants to show, and she repotted some stuff, too.  Sometimes I think that Mom loves her plants more than she loves her dogs, which is a silly thing for her to do because plants are boring and stupid.  They can't even "sit" or "fetch" or "roll over."  Although they can do "stay" pretty well, and some of Mom's plants are also good at "play dead."

This one is called a hoya.
Anyway, Mom stayed home for a couple of days and mostly messed around with her plants, but yesterday she went out shopping to some thrift stores.  And what she bought was one pair of shorts and three t-shirts.  Mom said that this was three more t-shirts than she needs, but they were only $1 each, so how could she say no?  And right outside the thrift store, on the sidewalk, Mom saw a big, fat, green cicada, but did she pick it up and bring it home to us?  No!  What kind of mean and thoughtless mom is that?

But at least Mom also went to the Brookside Barkery and Bath, where she bought some dog food for us.  And what she bought was Nature's Variety Prairie Venison, which is what Gabe has been eating, but now Mom has decided to have all of us eat it.  I'm happy about this because I think it is very yummy food.

Gabe dreaming of chasing cats
Let's see, what else should I tell you?  Oh, Mom's dog bite is mostly healed up and it doesn't hurt much anymore.  And Gabe got the results of his last blood test, and everything looks good, and now he's only taking one prednisone pill every other day instead of two.  And the reason he has to take prednisone is because of his Inflammatory Bowel Disease, but since he was taking a bunch of it, his hair was getting thin and he was getting sort of sunken cheeks,  which Dr. Senter, the dermatologist, says is called "pred head."

Well, maybe I should also mention our fat cat foster kitties.  Mom put a different gate in the door of their room, so they can get out of their room if they want to.  Sometimes they do come out, which I think is kind of nice, but if Gabe sees them, he chases them back into their room.  So Gabe is mainly the reason why we can't have cats roaming around in our house.  Mom and I both wish Gabe would be nicer to the kitties, but he thinks it's more fun to chase them.

Oh, but guess what!  Our kitties have lost some weight!  Charlie lost 1-1/2 pounds already, and Chloe lost 1 pound.  Mom says that in another 6 or 8 months they might be more the right weight!


  1. Hi Piper, Jenna here.

    I LOVE to chase cats/kitties but mom won't let me, because I killed a feral cat a few years ago. When mom's son found the kitties we have now, she put a muzzle on all of us dogs, till we got used to the kitties. Course they were tiny then, and wasn't afraid of us dogs. Now we are all best friends, and we don't need the muzzle anymore. In fact Zak and I won first place for a picture of us with one of our cats, and Zak is touching his nose to the cat. Me, I could have cared less, would just liked to have chomped on its head, but mom was taking pictures.

  2. Dear Jenna,
    Guess what! This morning Charlie the cat was outside his room, and Gabe was there, too, just a few feet away, and Mom held onto Gabe and praised him a whole bunch for being nice with Charlie. So Gabe didn't even try to chase Charlie. He just turned and walked away! This means maybe Gabe is an old dog who can learn new tricks, such as not chasing cats.
    Your friend,

  3. Dear Piper, that is so good the Gabe didn't do anything to Charlie. Maybe there is hope for him yet, and Yes you can teach an old dog new tricks!
    Your friends,

  4. Hey - I didn't realize Gabe is on prednisone; I am too! I don't like taking it, because I then have trouble sleeping, and it makes my tummy hurt. My doctor says, "it gets you thru a Lupus episode, so grin and bear it." Ha!

    There's NO way your mom likes the plants more than you and your siblings!! However, the comments on the "stay" and "play dead" commands made me laugh outloud!

    I may have mentioned this before, but the foster cat photo in today's blog, sure looks alot like Di! I wonder if this cat has Russian Blue in him/her??

    Re: cicadas are LOUD! When I was in Bella Vista last week, I went outside a few times, as the house was full of people...and sometimes I get tired of people - guess that's what happens when one gets used to living ALONE...anyway, the cicadas were soooo very LOUD, I didn't stay outside long.

    Well...I had thought of letting Dodi write today's reply, however, he took Di's chair, and would NOT give it back to her. I said, "no" although he was reaching for the keyboard and really wanted a turn at typing. Now he's gone to another room to pout, but Di has her chair back. Guess I'll have to go get him - he's a bit sensitive...make that overly-sensitive.
    Love, AP

  5. Dear Aunt Patty,
    Gabe says to tell you he's sorry you have to take prednisone, too. He says he hopes you don't get "pred head" like he has, because it makes your muzzle look very long and narrow. Mom says that prednisone must be a miracle drug because it seems to cure everything!

    I don't know if Chloe has Russian Blue in her or not. I asked her, but she said all she knows is that she has never been to Russia. Charlie is in Big Trouble this morning because he peed on the bed in the cat room. He has been trying to tell Mom that he doesn't like the nice pine pellet litter she bought for the cats, and I guess she finally got the message!

    Love, Piper