Saturday, August 28, 2010

What Mom Bought at Art Unleashed

Last night Mom went to Art Unleashed, which is this big auction thing the Humane Society does every year to raise money for the poor, homeless cats and dogs.  Mom likes to go to this event a whole bunch because she likes artwork.  And also they have good food there.  Dogs can go to Art Unleashed, but only if they are homeless dogs from the Humane Society.  So my brothers and I did not go there because we already have a home.

Anyway, Mom bid on lots of different pieces of artwork, but she only ended up with three of them.  She could have had more if she had wanted to bid higher, but she didn't.  I wish Mom had bought a picture of a basenji, but she said she didn't see any pictures of basenjis there, which is very sad because basenjis are so incredibly cute.

Here's the first picture that Mom bought, and it is called "Spot."  It only cost $15, which I think may be more than it is worth because it is very strange, in my opinion.  This dog doesn't even look very much like a dog, besides being all sorts of weird colors that you could never find on a real dog.  Plus the dog looks fierce and scary.  Mom thinks that "Spot" is kind of funky and funny-looking, but if I had been allowed to go to Art Unleashed, I would have told Mom not to bid on it.

Okay, this one is a little better because it says "Good Dog" on it, and most dogs try to be good dogs.  But the dog in the painting is blue, which is a totally wrong color for a dog.  And also his teeth look more like beaver teeth than like dog teeth.  It really makes you wonder what humans are thinking when they make such goofy pictures of dogs.  Mom paid $70 for this painting, but I hope she doesn't think that me and my brothers look like this!

Okay, well, here's the third painting, which is the best one, if you ask me, even though this dog looks very stiff and square.  But at least he is the right color for a dog, and he seems halfway friendly.  If he had prick ears and a curly tail, he could almost look sort of like a basenji.  Mom paid $105 for this painting.

Anyway, the good thing about artwork is that Mom hangs it up on the wall where we dogs can't really see it very well because we aren't tall enough.  And since Mom has such weird taste in art, that's fine with me.

Oh, and before I forget.  Remember that crazy collage cat thing that Mom made to donate to Art Unleashed?  Well, it sold for $20, which made Mom kind of proud since she never even went to art school or anything.


  1. Hmmm...I just let Dodi write on your blog, and while he's typing along everything went blank? I told him, since I'm a better typist, I would do the typing this time. :) Anyway, I like all the pieces of art your mom got yesterday. The first one, Spot, made me think of my very first dog - who was named Spot, but didn't look like the painting you have of Spot.

    Oh...I never saw the "cat collage?" If I had been there, tell your mom I would have paid even more than $20 - just because your mom made it and I do love cats. I think it's neat that your mom actually "sold a piece of art work."

    I can't remember everything Dodi typed before, so I'll close for now....hope this gets sent ok.
    Love, AP (and Dodi & Di)

  2. Oooooooooohhhhh Piper, we don't like the Spot picture at all, he's scary looking and probably would give our mom nightmares. The other two are ok, we really like the last one better though. Mom doesn't have that kind of money to spend on art. Which is why we don't have any art in our house, just family photos.

    We vaguely remember the cat collage, but that's good that your mom sold a piece of art. You need to see if she could do a basenji collage, of you and Gabe. Bet that would sell for more than $20.00!

  3. Dear Aunt Patty,
    I don't know what happened when Dodi was typing a comment on my blog. That is very weird that it went blank, and I cannot explain why it did that. Anyway, I'm glad you like the strange artwork that Mom bought. I hope your dog named Spot didn't really look like that painting because that dog in the painting doesn't even hardly look like a dog. Plus he looks mean!

    Since Mom has sold her first piece of artwork, now she thinks she's some kind of fancy-schmancy artist, and she is already thinking up ideas for artwork for next year. Sheesh. I wish she would just stick to taking care of us dogs!
    Love, Piper

  4. Dear Amigos,
    I totally agree with you about that Spot picture! Also I agree that the last picture is the best one. Maybe next year we can talk Mom into making a basenji collage. That would be soooooo much better than a dumb old cat collage!
    Your friend, Piper