Friday, September 17, 2010

A Quick Update

Well, yesterday I had to get my teeth cleaned, which I don't like to do, but now I did it, and I don't have to do it again for another year or so.  Which I feel very happy about.  Mom says it's good for me to get my teeth cleaned, but I don't like it because of these reasons:

1.  I don't get to eat any breakfast.
2.  I have to go to Dr. Patricia's office, which is a scary place.
3.  Mom abandons me at Dr. Patricia's office.
4.  They make me go to sleep and then they do stuff to me.
5.  After I wake up, I still have to stay there a long time until Mom comes and pays my bail.

Remember how I said that Mom was worried about me because I didn't have as much energy as she thought I should have?  Well, she made me get my blood tested and my urine tested and my teeth cleaned, and everything turned out to be perfect about me, so I hope she will just lay off my case!

Anyway, the only thing they noticed when they cleaned my teeth was that I have a little chipped place on the tip of one of my canine teeth.  But I had that already, and it has not gotten any worse.  And now I have a molar with a tiny little bit that broke off the side of it, and they x-rayed it, and it is okay, too.

While I was gone at Dr. Patricia's office, getting my teeth cleaned, Mom took all three of my brothers out for a walk together.  They told me they had a nice time walking and marking everything, which is what boy dogs like to do.

Then after Mom walked my brothers, she went over the Pooches' Paradise and walked two of the poor, homeless, retired greyhounds.  There are three of them living there right now, but one was getting neutered today.  So Mom just walked India and Sassy.  India is very pretty because she's black-and-white like me, and she has a lot of energy.  She just got spayed not very long ago, and she was pregnant with 14 puppies!  Wow!  When I got spayed, I was also pregnant, but I don't think I had 14 puppies because basenjis never have that many puppies, than goodness!

Sassy hasn't been spayed yet because her blood work keeps not coming out good enough.  She has some kind of disease that she got from a tick bite, and she has had a hard time getting over it, so that is why she can't be spayed yet.

Okay, now I will tell you that our neighbors finished getting their roof, and also their house got painted.  We were very glad that they didn't paint it white.  Instead, they painted it sort of a dark taupe color, and it has a white trim.  I would show you a picture, but Mom has been too lazy to take one.

Gabe finished all his antibiotics, so we don't think he has a UTI anymore.  But most mornings he still doesn't want to eat breakfast, and that makes Mom worry about him.  If you ask me, Mom spends too much time worrying about us dogs and making us go to the vet.  But she says that is what moms are supposed to do.

Well, I can't think of any other exciting news right now, so I guess I will stop writing.


  1. Hi....this is Di writing today. Mom asked that I write and tell you that she's very sorry but she's way behind in reading your blog. Mom had to go into the hospital on Monday, and just got out last's behind w/e-mail messages, Piper's blog, etc., She plans on catching up this weekend. Oh your mom doesn't worry, my mom is doing better. She had a bronchial infection, then w/the Lupus it gets kind of icky...that's my word for it!
    Love, Di

  2. Dear Di,
    I noticed that your mom didn't say anything about my blog for several days, but I thought she was just busy. I am very sorry to know she was in the hospital, but I'm glad she's better now. I hope they let you go visit her in the hospital. Having a cat there would make her feel lots better, I think.
    Love, Piper