Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some Nice Dogs You Should Adopt

Well, it's time for me to tell you about some of the poor, homeless dogs at the Humane Society that would make really good pets.  They need to get forever homes as soon as possible, so if you can give them one, please hurry over to the shelter!

Okay, this first one is SPRITE, and she is totally adorable, or at least that's what Mom thinks.  Sprite is a Maltese/poodle mix, and she's only 8 months old.  When she first came to the shelter, she was scared and snarky with people.  Also she was all dirty and matted and had cherry eye in both eyes.  But now she's all shaved and pretty.  And she had surgery to fix her eyes.  She's much friendlier now, but she doesn't like everybody.  She really likes Mom, though, and she especially likes to sit in Mom's lap and get petted and fussed over.

This one is KENDALL, and she is 3 years old.  She is a Sharpei/shepherd mix.  Sometime in the past, Kendall had a broken leg, and it healed kind of funny, but it doesn't keep her from walking around just fine.  Kendall is very calm, and she likes other dogs.  In fact, she should probably be in a home where she has a doggy friend.  When she first came to the shelter, Kendall looked pretty bad, with skin problems and stuff like that, but she looks much better now.  You can still see some scars on her nose, but they're not too bad.  Also she has all those cute wrinkles, maybe even more than a basenji has!

TOFFEE is an older dog, but he would really like a nice home where he could be happy the rest of his life.  He used to have to live on a chain, which is a very bad way for a dog to live.  Toffee is about 9 years old now, and he's kind of a bossy boy, so he would be better off being the only dog in the house.  He is probably a golden retriever mixed with a chow chow.  Anyway, he's got a lot of pretty hair.

This one is QUE (which is pronounced like "cue"), and he's 4 years old.  He's a lab mix, maybe part catahoula hound.  He's black with a brindle face and legs.  Que is a very nice, mellow boy, and he gets along just fine with other dogs.

Here's SNOOKI, who is 2 years old.  She is a Staffordshire bull terrier with a short, solid body.  She also kind of snorts when she breathes.  Mom thinks Snooki is a very nice, very funny dog.  The only bad thing is that Snooki doesn't much like other dogs or cats, so she needs to be an only dog who will get lots of attention and spoiling.

NELSON is majorly cute, or at least Mom thinks so.  He's the kind of dog she says she would adopt if we didn't already have our Legal Limit of Dogs.  I think Nelson sounds like he would be a fun guy to have around.  He's only 6 months old, and he is a maybe a shepherd/lab mix.  Before he came to the shelter, he got hit by a car, and both of his front legs were broken.  One of them was set and is all straight again, but the other was broken at the elbow, so it's kind of funny looking.  Nelson limps a little on that leg, but at least he didn't have to have it cut off, which could have happened.

This last one is DIANA, who is 3 years old.  She is a very pretty, very sweet dog.  They are saying she is a yellow lab mixed with shepherd, but I think she might have some collie or border collie in her.  Of course, nobody asked me.

You can find out more about these dogs on the Humane Society website.  And if you can give one of them a home, I'm sure that dog would be your best friend forever!


  1. Di here. Mom's letting me write this time; only because dumb-dumb Dodi is sitting in MY chair and I kept whining. mom does NOT like whining. oops - mom just saw that I wrote "dumb dumb Dodi" - she doesn't like name calling.

    Anyway, I told mom to go get the dog named Diana - that's my name too. We could be called Di-1 and Di-2! Of course, mom says, "I can't have any more pets - or she would be in big trouble." I really really hope all the dogs you wrote about find new homes. My mom said if she could have any of the dogs it would be "Toffee" because he once lived on a chain, which made my mom make this funny grrrr sound when she read it. I sure hope lots of people read today's blog and then run or ride to the Humane Society and get one!
    Love, Di

  2. Dear Di,
    If Dodi is sitting in your chair, you should just whup him upside the head and make him move. I think that's what I would do!

    It would be great if your mom could adopt a second Diana. Maybe you can just keep trying to persuade her. Anyway, I hope all those dogs get homes, too. And there are also lots and lots of kittens and cats who need homes. Wouldn't it be fun if you and Dodi had some cute little kittens to play with?

    Love, Piper