Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Poem About Our Cats

Our cats are crazy
and also lazy.
They sleep all day
and then they say,
"Meow!  Meow!
Feed us NOW!"
They poop in a box,
which is tox-
ic and nuts!
I sniff their butts
'cuz they smell good,
like kitty food!
Their turds would be yummy
in my tummy,
but Mom won't let me
go and get me
any.  How sad!
It makes me mad!
But back to the cats.
They're still fat,
but they've lost weight,
and Mom thinks that's great.
I like Chloe best.
She gets on Mom's desk
and plays with Mom's pen
and nips at Mom when
she's not petted enough,
and does other such stuff.
Charlie won't get in laps.
He mostly takes naps,
and never gives kisses,
but sometimes he hisses,
especially at Gabe,
even when Gabe behaves.
So that's all I'll say
about our cats today,
except this:
if you want them,
they're all yours!

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