Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another Update on My Exciting Life

Well, guess what!  I have a sexy problem!  Okay, Mom says it's not really a "sexy problem" -- it's a problem with sex hormones.  And the reason I know this is because yesterday I had to go see Dr. Senter, the dermotologist.  Mom made me go there because my coat is thin, and you can see my skin down under the hair, as you can sort of tell in this photo.

Anyway, Dr. Senter looked at my skin and my hair, and he scraped a little skin off my tummy, which sort of hurt and made a red spot.  Then he went somewhere and looked through a microscope to make sure I don't have mites, which I don't.  After that, he told Mom that my problem was probably due to sex hormones, which means I don't have enough of them or I have the wrong kind of them or something.

Anyway, he is going to get all my blood test records from Dr. Patricia, so that Mom doesn't have to pay for another blood test.  In the meantime, Mom is supposed to give me something called melatonin, which she needs to go buy at the drugstore.  She's supposed to give it to me for 3 months to see if that makes my hair grow back.

So that's all the latest news about me.  Gabe has been eating his breakfast for the last three days, which makes Mom very happy.  On Sunday, Gabe kept shivering, and Mom thought maybe he was cold, so she got out all the doggy sweaters and tried to put one on Gabe, but he didn't want her to do it.  So she just got the part put on that goes over his head, and then she couldn't get his legs through the holes because he tried to bite her.  So he had to go around with the sweater hanging off his neck until later, when he let Mom pull the sweater off him.

It's starting to get cold, so we have had a fire in the fireplace a few times.  Also Mom raked some leaves one day, but there are lots more that she still needs to rake.  She says she has to wait until they fall off the trees, but I think she is just being lazy about it.

On Saturday, Mom went to an Open House party thing at Dr. Patricia's office, but she didn't take any of us dogs or cats with her.  Instead, she took a puppy from the Humane Society, because the purpose of this Open House thing was to get people to donate food for the Humane Society and for two other shelters.  So Mom went there to represent the Humane Society, and she took Oakley, the puppy, who is blind.

Everyone thought Oakley was adorable, and he behaved himself very well, except for peeing on the floor.  And he got a paper cup out of the trash and chewed on it and played with it.  One lady thought she might like to adopt Oakley, so she took an application form home, but Mom doesn't know if the lady will really adopt him or not.

Well, the other thing I'm going to tell you about is this weird bird that Mom bought.  It's made out of clay, and it doesn't look like any kind of real bird I ever saw.  Also it doesn't smell like a real bird.  Mom bought this bird at an estate sale.  Now it is just going to sit on a shelf and get dusty, which is what happens to stuff that you don't need but you buy it anyway.  If you ask me, it's much better to spend money on something useful, such as dog food!


  1. maybe it's some sort of extinct bird. we know it isn't a moa since it has wings. and i know moas don't have wings because i carefully read your blog yesterday.

    --Zest, superstar in training

  2. You are probably right. It is some kind of extinct bird. And it is not a moa. I will have to do some more in-depth research to try to figure out what it is. At least it doesn't eat much, so Mom does not have to spend any dogfood money on bird food.

    Your friend, Piper

  3. sometimes my mom spends money on birdfood and we don't even have a bird! she just throws it outside on snowy days. a total waste if you ask me. and me here starving inside. so unfair.


  4. My mom used to throw bird seed away like that, but Mel kept eating it because he thought it was actually dog food. Also the rats came around and ate it because they thought it was rat food. So to avoid all this confusion, Mom stopped putting any kind of food outside.