Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Six Nice, Short-Legged Dogs for You to Adopt

Well, today I am going to introduce you to some very, very nice homeless dogs that live at the Humane Society, and they all have short legs, mostly because they are dachshunds or dachshund mixes.  Except for one who is a corgi mix.  Anyway, all of these dogs are an excellent size to have around your house, because they can sit in your lap, they're too short to counter-surf, and they won't eat nearly as much as a big dog will.  And if you keep your grass mowed, you will be able to see your short-legged dog when it's out in your yard.

This first one is Kasie, and she is a very pretty dog with kind of curly hair, like a long-haired dachshund.  She is 1-1/2 years old, and she weighs 25 pounds.  She is even  housetrained, which is a very good thing.  The bad part is that she doesn't always get along with kids, so she needs to be in a house where there are just adult humans.  Also she is kind of bossy, so she would probably like to be the only dog, although she might get along with a more submissive dog.

Gus and Roger are two dachshunds that came to the shelter together, but they kept getting into fights with each other, so they had to be separated.  Neither one of them seems to like other dogs or cats, but they think people are great.  Gus is 5 years old, and he likes to sit in a person's lap and get petted a lot.  He should go to a home where he can be the only pet and where there are no young children who might hurt him by mistake.

Roger is 7 years old.  He looks kind of skinny in this picture, but he has gained weight since he first came to the shelter.  Roger is very friendly with people, and he loves to play with toys.  He weighs about 15 pounds, and he should also be in a house where there are no dogs or cats or young children.

Dudley is part dachshund and part Jack Russell terrier.  He is a very beautiful black-and-white color, just like me, and he weighs 20 pounds, also just like me.  Except that I have longer legs and a longer tail.  Dudley's tail is very, very short because it was docked.  He is only 2 years old.  Dudley is a very friendly dog, but he can be a little dominant with other dogs, so he needs to live with a dog who will let him be the boss, or else he needs to be the only dog.  When he first got to the shelter, Dudley had a broken hind leg on the left side, but it is all healed up now and he hardly limps at all.

This is Carlyle, who is really cute.  Mom has held Carlyle at the last two satellite adoptions, and everybody thinks he is very funny-looking, and they say, "What is he?"  And the answer is that Carlyle is probably a mix of a bunch of different breeds, including basset hound and dachshund and maybe terrier or something else that comes in a brindle color.  Carlyle is just a puppy, and he's only 4 months old.  Mom says that he has very sharp puppy teeth and a lot of puppy energy.  Also he is kind of pigeon-toed, like bassets are.  We don't know how big he'll get, but maybe between 40 and 50 pounds.  Or maybe not that big.  It's just hard to tell sometimes.

The last dog I'm going to tell you about is Bonnie, and she is 1-1/2 years old.  She is part corgi and part terrier, and she weighs 26 pounds.  Bonnie is a little bit shy, but as soon as she gets to know you, she is okay.  So far, Bonnie is not allowed to go out in the dog yard, so Mom hasn't got to spend much time with her, but Mom says that Bonnie seems like a very nice dog.

Well, there they are, the 6 lovely short-legged dogs.  So if that is the kind of dog you like, you should run right over to the Humane Society and adopt one of them.  Or if you can't adopt them, you should tell all your friends to adopt them.  You can see more pictures of these dogs and read more about them on the Humane Society website.

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  1. I'm hoping someone reads this blog and immediately sees the dog he/she/they want!! Wish I could take one or two....just can't be done.
    Love, AP