Friday, November 19, 2010

Some More Sponsored Kids

Mom has been busy trying to catch up on some stuff, like scanning new photos of her sponsored kids and updating her SmugMug gallery.  Some of Mom's sponsored kids got old, so they graduated from the program and couldn't be sponsored anymore.  And whenever that happens, Mom gets a brand new kid to sponsor.

One of the new kids lives in the Philippines, and her name is Kimberly.  She is 11 years old.  Before this, Mom was sponsoring a girl named Eva in the Philippines, but now she has Kimberly instead.

In Haiti, there is a new girl for Mom to sponsor, and her name is Ashanta.  She is 11, just like Kimberly.  The only problem is that in Haiti, everything is still a mess because of that big earthquake last January.  So there is no mail service or anything, and Mom can't write a letter to Ashanta until the mail service gets fixed.  But the good news is that Ashanta lives about 70 miles from where the earthquake was, so she didn't get hurt by it.

Mom used to sponsor a girl in Indonesia who was named Sri.  She was only 1 year old when Mom started sponsoring her about 6 years ago.  But things got better in the area where Sri lives, so the organization left there, and they gave Mom another girl to sponsor in another part of Indonesia.  This new girl's name is Andriana, and she is 6 years old.

So those are all the new kids Mom got recently, and she is still waiting for one more, which will probably be in Pakistan.  Mom has been sponsoring a boy named Tariq there, and he turned 18 last month, so Mom can maybe sponsor one of Tariq's younger brothers or sisters.  Or else she might end up sponsoring a kid from a whole different family.  Anyway, she is waiting to find out who the new sponsored kid will be.

Here's a picture of Tariq, which Mom just got a week or two ago.  He looks really grown-up now.  The update said that Tariq will be going to college, so that made Mom happy.  We just hope he will think of Americans as nice people and won't turn out to be a terrorist or anything like that!

AP photo
I just found out last night that Target, one of the three heroic dogs I wrote about on Veterans' Day, got euthanized because she escaped from her yard.  The Animal Control people picked her up and they said it was a mistake that they euthanized her, but we don't know if they are telling the truth or not.  You can read more here.  Anyway, we just learned about this last night when we were going to bed, and so we were feeling very sad when we went to bed.


  1. we in this house also read about target last night. Very, very sad that such a nice dog met such a preventable end.

    but we think your mom is a bright spot to take care of so many kids!

    --Zest, superstar still in training

  2. Hello and I apologize for not writing the past few days. It's been a "challenging" week to say the least. I was happy to read about your mom's new foster kids. I also pulled up the website you mentioned to see and read about all the children. I think it's really really nice and good of your mom to sponsor so many. :)

    I was very sad to read about Target - that made me sad. Dodi jumped on my lap wondering why I was he is whining too.

    On a good note, I've had a busy weekend, starting yesterday, as a neighbor went out of town so I go over 4-5 times a day to care for the dog (Mac - short for Macaroni), cat (Scribbles) and a bird (uh oh...forget his name) oops. The neighbor said to go over twice a day...I didn't agree. Ha. Thanks for today's news or Friday's news.
    Love, AP

  3. Dear Aunt Patty,

    You are very nice to take such good care of your neighbor's dog, cat, and bird. I think you should just call the bird Polly, as in "Polly want a cracker!" because that is a pretty good name for a bird.

    We are still feeling sad about Target. We wish she didn't get killed.

    Love, Piper

  4. Yep - Target has crossed my mind a few times today. I spent most of the day at my neighbors place, as Mac, Scribbles and "Polly" seemed to need/want the company. Mac(aroni) is so funny...he's an English Bulldog. I'm around cats so much, that it's nice to be around a dog. One of these and your family will have to meet my family and me!! Not sure how to do that.....but one of these days, we'll figure it out. :)
    Love, AP