Thursday, December 23, 2010


At this time of the year, people like to put lights on their houses to make them look pretty for the holidays.  But some people have so much fun doing this that they really don't know when to stop.  I can't explain why this happens.  I just know that humans are strange, as I might have mentioned before.  

Anyway, I started doing research on Christmas lights, and I found this website that is all about ugly Christmas lights.  So I borrowed some photos from there, and I am going to show them to you, and if you like them, you can go to the site and look at lots more photos of the same type.

So, like I already said, there are people who just don't know when to stop putting lights on their houses, and the result is that you get very confused when you look at these houses because there is way too much to look at.  Here are some examples:

The one below is a vet clinic, but I think I would be afraid to go there after dark, when all the scary lights were on!

You don't have to have a house in order to decorate, though.  There are other things that can have lights on them, like for instance, a truck:

Or a car:

Or even a porta-potty:

And a lot of people include animals in their Christmas lights, such as elephants:

Or the traditional moose on the housetop:

Scooby Doo:

Or even the Abominable Snowman and Snoopy:

Sometimes the reindeer get a little frisky, but that is how baby reindeer get made.  Hahahaha!

If you don't like lighted animals, you can have lighted palm trees instead.

But my opinion is that if you are going to put up Christmas lights, you should just put up a few nice ones and not overdo it.  Because the money you save by not putting up so many lights will buy a whole lot of yummy dog food!


  1. Dear Piper,
    Humans often do these sorts of celebratory things because today is my birthday! I think those must be members of my ever expanding fan club. I am 4 today.

    Your friend,
    Zest, Superstar in training.

  2. Happy Birthday, Zest! I am totally sure you are right about the fancy lights being part of your birthday celebration. I guess sometimes humans do things that really do make sense!

    Your friend, Piper