Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'M HOME! by Chloe

Yesterday afternoon Mom sprung me from my prison cell at Mission MedVet.  I was really, really glad to see Mom and to go home with her.  I didn't even mind too much that those same four stupid dogs were here waiting to give me the Big Sniff-Over.  That silly Piper just wouldn't quit sniffing me.  She was even sniffing inside my ears, for heaven's sake!  I don't know what her deal is, but I got kind of tired of it and finally had to tell her to back off.

Unfortunately, I'm not my usual glamourous self because I got part of my side and stomach shaved for the ultrasound.  I know the hair will grow back, but right now I feel kind of a cold draft there!  Also one of my dainty wrists got shaved.  I will have to concentrate hard on getting my hair to grow in again.

One of the first things I wanted to do when I got home was sit in Mom's lap and walk on her computer desk and annoy her like I used to do all the time before I got sick.  Mom served me and Charlie a nice supper of Wellness canned food, but I could only eat a few bites of it.  Mom took it away after Charlie ate his half, and she offered it to me again later, but I still didn't want it.  This morning I was hungrier, though, and I ate almost half of my food.  This made Mom happy.

Last night Mom stuffed a couple of pills down my throat.  One of them was the antibiotic Baytril, which is the same one Gabe has been taking, but he just finished his.  His Baytril tablets were big and tan and ugly, but mine are pretty and purple and dainty.  I also have to take some other pill that is supposed to stimulate my appetite.  Mom turned out to be pretty good at sticking those pills right back in my throat where I was forced to swallow them.  She said she got a lot of practice when she used to have cats in the old days, but she hasn't pilled a cat for a long time.

So I'm home and I'm going to spend some time napping and just generally resting up.  It's such a relief to feel better again, even though I'm not 100% yet.  I heard the nurse tell Mom that the doctor wants to see me again next week.  I don't really see why it would be necessary for me to go back to that place again.  I think I will hide under the bed whenever Mom tries to take me there!

Oh, and I almost forgot that Piper said I should tell you that today is Barry's birthday.  He's that dog with the big, goofy ears.  He follows Mom around everywhere, which is kind of silly, if you ask me.  Also he sniffs my butt a lot.  He sniffs Charlie's butt, too.  I think he really likes anything having to do with poop.  Sometimes his breath smells exactly like his butt, and that's because he apparently likes to eat poop.  I don't know why anybody would do this.  I'm just reporting what I've observed.

But the point is that today is Barry's birthday, and he is 9 years old, which is 1 year older than Piper and 3 years older than Charlie and I.  Rumor has it that Barry got some potatoes and fish in his breakfast this morning, but I was not there to verify this.

Okay, I've done my duty now and have reported on everything I was supposed to report on, so I think it's time for a little cat nap!


  1. Hi this is Di. I get to write today, because my mom has it in her head that you (Chloe) and I are of the same breed! My mom has been out of town for a few days. This morning she got up and went to "Piper's blog" to catch up. mom can be so dramatic...instead of reading ahead she read the previous blog of you being so sick.....she started crying. My mom never never cries....except if it has to do with an animal. Being the smart cat I am - I told her to keep reading, and then she read where you are much better - so she quit crying, but was still making these odd noises that humans make when they are trying to stop crying but can't. My mom also thinks it's neat that all your siblings go to a Dr. Patricia!! I didn't say anything since my mom was still making those odd noises, but the Allen family going to a Dr. Patricia is NOT new....guess my mom just caught on. Anyway, I am sooooo glad you are better and my mom thinks your mom is a super mom because she is willing to spend the money to make you well!! I will close for now, again please take care! The Morton clan...I say "clan" because we are Scottish, are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love, Di

  2. Dear Di,
    Tell your mom thanks for all her concern and tears about me. I am really feeling LOTS better now, and I am eating all my food. Also I am being a pest whenever Mom is on the computer or when Mom is trying to sleep late in the mornings. I know that she should be getting up and feeding me, so that is why I have to keep pestering her! Anyway, because of all this peskiness on my part, Mom knows for sure that I feel better!

    Mom had to spend a ton of money to get me all cured, but of course I am totally worth it, so it was only to be expected that she would spend the money!

    Love, Chloe