Sunday, December 19, 2010


Princess Abby

Every year in Petaluma, California, the World's Ugliest Dog® Contest is held.  This has been going on for 22 years now, and it has become a very popular event.  Of course, I would never enter this contest since I wouldn't have the slightest chance of winning, and this is because I am too totally cute!  But there are some dogs that are actually sort of ugly, and their humans seem to be proud of this, so they enter their dogs in the contest.

Princess Abby, 2010 Winner
The winner of the most recent World's Ugliest Dog® Contest, which happened last June, was a dog named Princess Abby, who is a rescued chihuahua.  Abby walks in a very strange and hunched-over way because her back legs are longer than her front legs.  Also she is missing one eye, and her ears don't match.  But she has a cute way of dancing on her hind legs to beg for treats.

In order to win the Contest, Princess Abby had to be judged uglier than the other 13 dogs in the pedigree class.  Two other dogs in this class were Pabst, a boxer who won in 2009; and Rascal, a Chinese crested who won in 2002.  Then after beating those dogs, Abby also had to beat a dog named Chopper, who was the winner of the mutt division.

Pabst, 2009 Winner
Karen Halligan, a veterinarian who checked all the dogs before the contest, said that "Princess Abby is the poster child for spaying and neutering your animals.  Her looks probably stem from being inbred."

Abby's mom got to take home $1,600 in prize money.  In the past, dogs who won the Ugliest Dog contest have got to go on TV and do stuff like that to help make people more aware of all the poor homeless animals who need to be rescued.

Rascal, 2002 Winner
Rascal, who won the contest in 2002, has got to have a film career in some horror movies.  Also he has been on The Tonight Show and on The View.  Besides being mostly hairless, Rascal also has warts and freckles and no teeth.

Sam, 3-time Contest Winner
But probably the most famous winner of the World's Ugliest Dog® Contest in the past was Sam.  He died last year which is why he wasn't in the contest this year.  Sam was really, really ugly, and that is why he won three times.  Also he got to be in a 2006 wall calendar.  Sam was a Chinese Crested with crooked teeth and several skin diseases, but everyone said he was a very sweet dog.

Gus, 2008 Winner
Another past winner was Gus, who died of skin cancer when he was 9 years old.  Gus was a Chinese Crested with three legs and one eye.  He was rescued by Jeanenne and Janey Teed after they found out he was being kept in a crate all the time in somebody's garage.  He lost his eye in a cat fight, and he had to have his leg amputated because it had a tumor.  The money he won in the 2008 Ugliest Dog Contest was used to help treat his cancer.

Elwood, 2007 Winner
Elwood was the winner in 2007.  She has a boyish name, but she is really a girl.  I think she looks sort of like Yoda would if he couldn't keep his tongue in his mouth.

Okay, well, I'm supposed to tell you that the photos from the World's Ugliest Dog® Contest were taken by Grace Chon/Shine Pet Photos.
Also, if you like looking at pictures of ugly dogs, you can go to the Contest's Facebook page and see some more of them.

It's pretty amazing to me that you can actually win money for being ugly, but even though I know that now, there is still no way I would even think about entering such a contest!


  1. I remember Sam...and sorry to hear of his passing. In fact, if I remember correctly, I think when Sam won(?) that was the first time I heard of this odd contest. Personally, I think "Princess Abby" is rather cute. :) I know this contest is done in good fun....but there's something about winning an "Ugliest" contest that makes me feel bad for the winner or even a contestant. Glad they don't have "Ugliest Person" contest! That's a contest I would NOT want to win!!
    Love, AP

  2. Dear Aunt Patty,
    We "beautiful people" (and dogs and cats) don't need to worry about winning any "ugliest" contests! And I think that is a very good thing, personally.
    Love, Piper

  3. Hi Piper. I haven't visited your blog for a week or two. There's plenty of school activities for our university day.

    This blog made me laugh! :D which remind me of Kabang here in our country. Have you heard about her story? She lost her snout after saving her two master from getting hit by a tricycle. It's a very inspiring story. I hope you'll make some blog about her. :)

    Here are some links about her story, (in case you dont know. HEHE :D]


    1. Dear Elaine,
      I am glad you got to write to me again! I had not heard the story of Kabang, but I think it is pretty amazing. It would make a good story to put in my blog, so you will probably be seeing it soon. I hope Kabang can come to the U.S. and get healed up so she won't get an infection and die.
      Your friend,

  4. HI PIPER!
    Guess what?! OUR SCHOOL BANNED ALL BLOG SPOT WEBSITE! And that means i can not visit your blog often. Maybe once in a week. I have to pay 10Pesos for a 1hour rent to access the internet. And it's expensive for me 'cos i don't have any income or anything cos i'm just a student. Poor me! Well, anyways.. Im glad u spared some time reading Kabang's Story. I really hope I will be seeing it VERY VERY VERY soon! :P And I don't have spare time to finish all entry dated from December to November 2011. So imma read it next time! TAKE CARE PIPER. :)))

    ELAINE <3

    1. Oh no! That is terrible that your school banned the reading of the blogspot website. They should have made an exception for MY blog because it is so entertaining and educational! I am going to write about Kabang later today and post the entry tomorrow. I am sorry you have to pay 10 pesos to get to read my blog now. That is not fair at all. Thanks for being such a good friend!
      Your friend, Piper

  5. What is that dog's name? And how old is he/she? I NEED TO KNOW!!!!

    1. Dear Amelia,
      I'm not sure which dog you want to know about, but you can go to this page on Wikipedia:'s_Ugliest_Dog_Contest and read all about the history of the contest and find out about the dogs that have won it.
      Thanks for reading my blog!