Monday, January 24, 2011

Martha Stewart's Dogs

Martha Stewart is a very nice lady who knows how to make everything in your house look really pretty and also how to make all your food taste very yummy.  And the reason I can be sure that she is very nice, even though I never met her personally, is because she loves animals.  She has several dogs, and she has a bunch of cats who were all named for composers, and she lives on a farm where there are chickens and geese and sheep and donkeys and horses.

A few weeks ago, Ms. Stewart was in the news because she had a little accident with one of her French bulldogs, Francesca, and she had to get 10 stitches in her upper lip.  At first, some people thought that Francesca bit her mom, but that was not what happened.  What happened was that Ms. Stewart was getting ready to leave for a little trip, and she went to say goodbye to Francesca, who was enjoying a very nice nap at the time.  So when Ms. Stewart bent down to kiss Francesca goodbye, Francesca was startled awake, and she sat up very suddenly and hit her mom right in the mouth!  Which just goes to show that the old saying, "Let sleeping dogs lie" is true, and you should always follow it unless you want to get some stitches.

Anyway, besides Francesca, who is a black Frenchie, Martha Stewart also has a white Frenchie named Sharkey.  These two girls have their very own blog, just like I do, except theirs has lots more photos than mine.  And the photos are of their farm and house and stuff.  You can read the blog here:   And if you read the blog and look at the pictures, you can meet the donkeys, whose names are Clive, Rufus, and Billie.

Another kind of dog breed that Ms. Stewart likes is the Chow Chow.  These dogs have LOTS of hair, like so much hair that you might have trouble seeing certain parts of them such as their ears or butts.  Some of Ms. Stewart's chows have been show dogs.  One that she had for many years and loved very much was named Kublai Khan Paw Paw.  Sadly, Paw Paw died in 2008 when he was 12 years old.

Then in March of 2009, a really horrible thing happened when Ms. Stewart was boarding her 5-month-old puppy, Ghenghis Khan (a grandson of Paw Paw), at a kennel.  A propane truck exploded there, and the whole kennel caught on fire.    Ghenghis Khan and 16 other dogs died in the fire.

Now Ms. Stewart has another puppy named Ghenghis Khan.  He is called G.K. by Sharkey and Francesca in their blog.  G.K. is the great-grandson of Paw Paw, and his father is a famous show dog named Maddox.

All of Martha Stewart's cats seem to be the long-haired kind with smushy faces, like Persians or Himalayans.  I think they all look kind of like kitty versions of Chow Chows.  Which is fine if you like hairy dogs and cats, but Mom and I mostly prefer short-haired animals.

Anyway, Ms. Stewart likes to dress her pets up in little costumes and outfits.  Also she designs stuff like dog necklaces.  I guess she does this because she is a person who likes to dress everything up to make it look prettier.  Personally, I would not put up with that kind of thing, but maybe if you are Martha Stewart's dog or cat, you don't really get a choice.

But what I would really like is to live on a farm, the way Sharkey and Francesca and G.K. do, with donkeys and chickens and all kinds of interesting animals.  I asked Mom if we could move to a farm, but she said she couldn't afford to buy us one.  Also she couldn't afford to pay all the people that you have to have to take care of a farm.  I was surprised, because I thought Martha Stewart did everything herself, but Mom said if I thought that, I was nuts!


  1. I agree with everything you wrote! My mom said not everyone like's M.S., but she does because she likes animals....and has lots of animals. I think it's really neat that she has cats and dogs! Living on a farm would be so much fun. My mom kind of spoiled my daydreaming about living on a farm; she said it's also a LOT of WORK for humans. I hope M.S. is feeling better now, and I'm sure she is because she's a tough lady!! Whih is a compliment! Have a great day!
    Love, Di

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    1. Thanks for the link to lots of great chow chow pictures!