Thursday, January 6, 2011


Yesterday a very sad and horrible thing happened, which was that my brother Gabe died.  And how it happened was that Gabe got really sick while Mom was at the shelter, playing with the poor, homeless dogs.  And then when she came home, she found out that Gabe had peed and made diarrhea all over the floor in the back room where the plants live.

Then Gabe went outside and he was having more diarrhea, and when Mom went out to see about him, he just kind of lay down in the grass, like he couldn't even stand up anymore.  So Mom went back in the house to get a muzzle because she has learned her lesson about trying to pick Gabe up if he is in pain, and she has the scars to prove it.  So she put the muzzle on Gabe, but he was too sick to even try to bite her.

Then Mom brought Gabe in the house and laid him on the rug by the door, and he just lay there and kind of did this heaving sort of thing and looked really sick.  And that's when Mom remembered that it was Wednesday, which is Dr. Patricia's day off.  But she called the office anyway and talked to Nurse Allison and told her everything Gabe was doing, because Mom thought maybe it was a seizure or something, and that Gabe would get better if she waited a little while.  But Nurse Allison said it didn't sound like a seizure, and she said Gabe was probably very sick, and that Mom should take him to Mission MedVet.

So Mom took Gabe over there, and the doctors looked at him and took x-rays and they found out that Gabe had a bunch of nasty fluid stuff in his abdomen, and the fluid was full of bacteria.  Which meant that it was leaking out of his guts someplace.  And the fancy name for this is a "perforated bowel."

The doctor thought that it was probably Gabe's inflammatory bowel disease that made him have a hole in his guts, but it might also be because he had a tumor there or because he ate something sharp.  And the doctor said that the only way to fix Gabe was to do surgery, which she wasn't sure he would live through, and Mom asked if maybe Gabe should be put to sleep, and the doctor said that if it was her dog, that is what she would do.

So Mom said goodbye to Gabe and told him what a good dog he was, except when he bit her, and she told him she loved him and stuff like that.  And she stayed with him while the doctor gave him a shot that made him go to sleep forever.

Then Mom came home and told us what happened, and I was sad that I didn't get to say goodbye to Gabe, but mostly I was glad that Mom had come home to feed us because it was past our suppertime, and we were hungry.  And now it seems weird that Gabe isn't here, and I keep expecting him to show up and get grumpy with me, which he did a lot lately, but Mom said that was because Gabe didn't feel good.

And this morning, when we were eating breakfast and I thought maybe I could sneak close to Mel's dish and get a little bite of something, Barry attacked me.  So I think Barry is feeling like it's strange not to have Gabe here as the beta dog, and he wants to make sure that he, Barry, is still the alpha dog.  Which he is, I guess, unless I decide I should be the alpha dog.  But Barry is bigger than me, so I will probably have to settle for being the beta dog, like Gabe used to be.

Anyway, I will miss Gabe because none of my other brothers likes to snuggle with me like Gabe did.  I tried to get in bed with Mel last night and snuggle up, but he just got up and walked away.  Mel is weird like that.


  1. So sorry for your lose.
    Aunt Lynn

  2. I am so sad to hear about Gabe! I cried when I read your blog, you must all miss him so much. I will miss hearing about him. My sympathies to you and everyone in your home.
    Liz & Viggo in MA

  3. Piper My heart breaks for your loss. Gabe isn't suffering any more and that is good. All of us who read the blog will miss him.
    Donna in AR

  4. Dear Friends,
    It is so nice of all of you to share my sadness. I keep thinking Gabe will just walk in the door and he'll be all better again, just like he used to be, but so far that hasn't happened. If it does happen, I'll let you know, but Mom says I shouldn't hold my breath.
    Your friend, Piper

  5. Dear Piper-

    We are very sad in this house to read about Gabe's passing.

    ---Zest, superstar in training

  6. Oh my, just read today's blog. I am so very sorry to hear of Gabe's passing. I keep telling myself he is not in pain any longer and he no longer feels bad. Please know that Dodi, Di and I send our sympathies!

    Piper: I'm very proud of the way you wrote of Gabe's passing...and I also want to know if he should appear like he use to do .
    Love, AP, Dodi & Di

  7. Dear Zest,
    You and everyone in your house are very nice to feel sad, just like I do. If you and I lived closer together, we could play together and you could teach me to do agility and I wouldn't have to be the only basenji here anymore.
    Your friend, Piper

  8. Dear Aunt Patty,
    Thank you for being so kind and sympathetic. Mom says she is sorry she missed going to the dinner last night, which actually she had decided not to go to, and it's just as well that she decided not to go because she would have had to cancel out after Gabe got sick.

    If Gabe magically shows up again, I will let you know right away.

    Love, Piper

  9. Dear Piper-

    I could send Jet to you. He his grumpy and likes to growl at anyone who tries to share the sofa with him or breath his air. Maybe if you had another basenji grumbling at you, you wouldn't miss Gabe so much.

    --Zest, superstar in training

  10. Dear Piper

    I am very sorry about Gabe's passing, but Zest is NOT going to send Jet to live with you. I don't know where (or why) she gets these ideas. You would probably send him back anyway.

    Kim, Zest's mom

  11. Dear Zest,
    Jet sounds a lot like Gabe, and I think it might be nice to have him around to remind me of Gabe. But it sounds like your mom won't let him come to Missouri to live with me. Anyway, thanks for the thought!
    Your friend, Piper

  12. I feel VERY sorry for you Piper. The same thing happened to my cat back on October, 14. She had cancer that was to bad to treat so my parents wanted her to be put to sleep so she wouldn't suffer. She was 11 and the best pet that i have ever known. Who knows, they may meet each other up there *sniff* R.I.P. Gabe and Maggie (my cat)

  13. Dear Anonymous,
    I am sorry about your cat. It is very sad that she had cancer. If Gabe met up with her at the Bridge, he might have chased her because that's what he used to do with cats! I'm sure they are having fun together, no matter what they are doing.
    Your friend, Piper