Saturday, January 15, 2011


Well, yesterday evening Mom loaded all of us dogs in the car, and we drove to Pooches' Paradise to meet the greyhounds.  We were supposed to meet three of them, but Cousteau couldn't come, so we only met two greyhounds.  And first we met Sassy, who is nice, but we weren't very interested in her, and she wasn't very interested in us.

Sassy and I ignoring each other
So we spent 15 or 20 minutes ignoring each other.  And Mom said it was good that we were ignoring each other because it probably meant we would get along okay.  Anyway, it was better than if we were growling at each other.

Then after that, Sassy went out, and Nicholas came in.  He seemed kind of stressed, like he needed to go out and pee or something, so he and Mel went outside.  And then when they came in, Mel was really excited about licking Nicky's pee-pee.  And then he and Nicky sniffed each other all over, and they kind of made moves like they might like to play, or at least Mel did.  So Mom decided that at least Mel really liked Nicky.

But Barry just kind of stuck close to Mom and didn't do much with Nicky, except he sniffed him a little bit.  And whenever Mom was trying to pet Nicky, Barry wanted to be petted, too, but he didn't growl at Nicky or anything.

And the whole time, I mostly sat in the corner because I decided I didn't like being there, and I suddenly got afraid that Mom would go away and leave me there, like she has done sometimes before, and that made me feel icky and scared.  But Mom said I should come over and meet Nicky and see if I liked him, and she carried me over there, so finally I sniffed at him a little bit, and he seemed okay.

Then the REGAP lady said to Mom that she should probably just adopt whichever greyhound she liked better because we dogs weren't being very helpful in making a decision.  Well, except for Mel, who seemed to really like Nicky.  So Mom chose Nicky because she said she is a sucker for brindles, and also Nicky is smaller than Sassy, even though he is a boy and Sassy is a girl.  In my opinion, they are both lots taller than any dog needs to be, but nobody asked me.

Then Mom signed a bunch of papers and wrote a check and picked out a color for a collar for Nicky, which is kind of a deep plum color.  And also she bought a muzzle for him, and it is a dark yellow, kind of like a taxi cab.

Can we go home now?
After that, we all got loaded in the car, and it was really full because there were four dogs and Mom.  And we drove home to our house, which is only a few blocks, and we all came in the house.  Then Mel and Barry and Nicky went out in the yard, and Nicky peed and pooped, which made Mom happy.

But I did not go out in the yard.  I just went and got on the sofa in my dog bed and I curled up there, and anytime Nicky came anywhere close to me I growled at him because now I'm not sure if I even want a new brother.  Mom says I will get used to having him around, and I will learn to like him, but I don't know if she's right or not.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.

The cats are kind of nervous about having a new dog in the house, and Charlie won't even come out of the cat room.  But Chloe came out and looked at Nicky, but she sort of kept a safe distance, and while I was writing my blog, was hiding behind the computer monitor.  Anyway, I guess the cats will have to get used to having Nicky around, too.  It's kind of like a whole new life for all of us!


  1. Piper--This is your Auntie Cheryl. I think it is an excellent plan that Nicky has come to your family.......that way no one will question who is the "Queen!"...*You* are the Queen. Nicky will just become one more boy to worship you . He really is quite handsome. Congratulations on being a big sister to such a tall boy. BTW--you look lovely as ever in your pictures.

  2. How have a new brother!! I realize you aren't sold on the idea yet...but I think you will be!! I also think it's neat that your brother's name is Nicky - I have a human daughter, Nikki. It will take time to get use to your new tall brother. We've never met, but I'm also tall and people get use to think it will all work out fine. I just told Dodi and Di and they are also excited!!
    Love, AP

  3. Me again - I forgot to make a comment about the first photo, you and Nicky ignoring each other! Ha. That's a perfect picture to demonstrate "body language!!"
    Love, AP

  4. Dear Aunt Cheryl,
    I like what you said about all the boys worshipping me, and I think you are right about them doing that. I already am starting to like Nicky better, and he was sniffing my butt in a reverent way just this morning. So it's probably best that I am the only Queen Bitch in the house. LOL
    Love, Piper

  5. Dear Aunt Patty,
    I got used to the greyhounds we had here before when we were fostering them, but I forgot how TALL they are. I can mostly walk under Nick without even having to duck. Chloe and Charlie are still scared of him, but I think they will get so they can walk underneath him, too, but they might hiss at him, which is what Charlie always does anytime he walks by a dog.
    Love, Piper

  6. My mom is awfully partial to brindle boys.
    I hope everything goes well with the new dynamics in your household. Keep a firm paw on everyone and things should be fine.

    --Zest, superstar in training

  7. I am definitely using a firm paw and an expressive growl, too, if I need to! LOL

    Your friend, Piper

  8. Congratulations, Piper! You got a new brother. How wonderful is that? Course now, you got three boys to worship you, where I only have two, and they don't worship me at all! They're suppose to know that I am the queen B here!
    Have fun with your new brother.