Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Few More Nice, Adoptable Dogs

Well, as usual, there are plenty of poor, homeless dogs at the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City, and they are all waiting for somebody to adopt them.  Also, there are lots of cats, if you happen to prefer a cat (even though dogs are better, if you ask me)!

Anyway, I'm going to tell you about some dogs today, and if you want to look at more animals who are available for adoption, just go to the Humane Society website.

This first one is a 4-month-old puppy named Pilgrim.  He got that name because he arrived at the shelter on the day before Thanksgiving.  Pilgrim is a terrier/lab mix, and he probably will just be medium-sized after he is grown.  When he first got to the shelter, he had a broken hind leg, but it was already healing up okay, so it didn't even have to be set.  Mom likes playing with Pilgrim when she goes to the shelter, and she thinks he would make a fun, family dog.

Ferris looks a lot like Lassie, except smaller.  He is 4 years old and weighs 54 pounds.  He is a very nice dog and doesn't seem to mind if you brush him, which if you adopt him, you would have to do pretty often because he has a lot of hair.

Trinity is a very cute little puppy who is 5 months old.  She is quite dainty, and probably is part whippet or maybe even Italian greyhound.  When Trinity was a tiny baby puppy, something happened to her jaw, like it got hit or crushed or something.  So all her lower baby teeth had to be pulled, and when her adult teeth grow in, they will probably also have to be pulled (which the Humane Society will pay for).  But Trinity doesn't seem to mind this at all.  She is very perky and happy and friendly to everybody.

Here's another cute puppy, and her name is Lilac.  She's a chihuahua/dachshund mix, and she's 6 months old.  Lilac is a smart little girl, and she loves playing with toys.  She has been living in one of the cat rooms, so she likes cats just fine.  Lilac came to the shelter because some people were making her live in a cardboard box, and were keeping her tied with string.  So Animal Control took her away from her people, and now Lilac needs a new home.

These other two dogs are not puppies anymore, but they would still make very nice pets for somebody.  Shine is a shepherd/lab mix who is about 5 years old.  He had kind of a bad life before he came to the shelter because he was living in a drug house.  It takes him awhile to learn to trust people, but after he gets to know you, he is okay.  Shine really likes treats, so if you give him some, he will start liking you pretty quickly.  He weighs 65 pounds and probably needs to be in a home where there are no other pets.

Shelly is a 7-year-old husky who weighs 40 pounds.  She is very sweet, and she gets along fine with other dogs.  She's a very pretty girl, especially since she is black-and-white, and I'm sure she would be really, really happy if you could just let her go home with you and live there happily ever after!


  1. Dear Piper - so happy when you blog about "available" pets! I just heard on the news that one shelter had 6 dogs adopted today...I think it's name is "Half-way Home." I'm sure your mom has heard of it. Of your pics today...I'd love to adopt little Lilac; reminds me of the Chihuahua I had. I'm just thankful that you and your brothers have a nice home, and wish all animals had a home!! Take care. Love, AP
    P.S. Would you mind asking your mom about Patricia; wondering how she is doing and if she was ever adopted. Thank you.

  2. Dear Aunt Patty,
    I was sure that little Lilac would be your favorite dog in this group, and I think maybe you should go adopt her right away! LOL Mom says that Patricia has not been adopted. She is doing okay. Last week they thought she was sick because there was some diarrhea in her run, but it turned out to be from her roommate, Bingham.
    Love, Piper

  3. Dear Piper,
    I wish I could adopt one of those dogs! They all look adorable but I am in New York and I don't think I can travel that far :( EVEN IF I was close my mom wouldn't let me!!! She isn't really a big fan of dogs >:(( But she does respect that they are living organisms and she agrees that they have the same right as us to live a nice life with caring owners... (BTW Piper, why don't humans let dogs use toilets? That way, on cold days the dogs don't have stress and the humans could just carry the dogs while they are doing their buisness?) I hope one day I can adopt a dog they seem EXTREMELY friendly and playful I need an energetic dog for a hyper person like me but not too energetic!!! LOL :D Keep on writing fun blogs!!

  4. Dear Tas,

    Since you live in New York, you would probably not be able to adopt a dog from Kansas City. But I'm sure there are lots of nice dogs at shelters near you who need homes. Since your mom won't let you have a dog right now, though, I guess you will have to wait. My mom wasn't allowed to have a dog when she was a kid, and now she has FOUR dogs. She tells people she is getting her revenge! LOL

    As for dogs using the toilet, I don't think it's something that most dogs would want to do. Sometimes people teach their cats to use the toilet, though. There are even special things that fit over the seat so that the cat can have a place to perch while doing his business. But as a dog, I have to say this is really kind of silly!

    Some people use doggy litter boxes, though. And there are boxes with fake grass in them that dogs can go potty on inside the house. These things work better for small dogs than for big dogs, I think. They are really handy for dogs who live in apartments, so that their people don't have to take them outside in bad weather or in the middle of the night.

    I hope you can have a dog of your own someday, but before you get one, make sure you can afford to feed it and take it to the vet. And also make sure you live in a good place for the dog to live, too.

    Love, Piper