Thursday, March 10, 2011

Funny Things People Say

Mom has this little notebook, and she writes stuff in it that she thinks is funny, like weird or goofy names that some people have.  And also she writes down things people say that come out sounding funny.  Sometimes this happens when people are using an old saying, but they say it wrong or mix it up with another saying.  And other times people use one word when they really should have used a different word.

So anyway, today I am going to tell you a few of these funny things from Mom's notebook.  And I found some pictures to go with them, so that should make them more interesting.

Everyone is ignoring the herring in the room.

He had a hard road to hoe.

When they start giving me numbers and medical talk, my eyes gloss over.

Friends are blossoms in the flowers of life.

The oldest dog was pulling up the rear.

We need to stench the flow of oil.

I had tears rolling down my eyes.

The signs turned up missing.

They have Congress looking down their necks.

We're treading on serious ground.

We lost a cat in Heaven.  His name was Sam.


  1. Piper, my mom says she has never heard these sayings before, except for the one about friends and flowers, but it wasn't said the way you did. She can't remember how it went. We think mom need's to start writing things down too, she's getting too forgetfull, if you ask me. At least she still feeds us dogs and makes sure Dannii gets his pills, so I guess that she's ok.

    Your friends,

  2. Dear Piper,
    I have no idea what those mean, humans think things that don't make sense are Extraordinarily funny! I just don't get them!
    YOUR #1 Fan, Tas
    PS. Do you get them, Piper?

  3. Okay, well, Mom had to explain some of these things to me, too. She thinks some are funny because they don't make sense. Other ones are funny because they are almost the right saying, but not quite. Like for instance, the "herring in the room" one. The real saying is "the elephant in the room," which means there is something really big that everyone is ignoring. Then there is another saying that is often used about mystery novels, and that's a "red herring," which is something the author wants you to think is a real clue, but it's just to fool you.

    Anyway, Mom has a weird sense of humor sometimes, or maybe all the time, so that's why she made me put these things in my blog. But maybe it wasn't a good idea if nobody liked them!


  4. Good morning. I think your mom and I share a similar sense of humor...I alway laugh (to myself times) at "sayings" or "phrases" that people use. My relatives in WV have some FUNNY sayings...but the sayings are so long that I can never remember the entire phrase. The most difficult saying for me to understand, as a child, was "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." Ha. I still think that's an odd way of trying to get a message across. I had fun reading today's blog, but Dodi/Di had NO idea what it was about...that's a cat for ya!
    Love, AP

  5. I LIKED all of them - great idea!!

  6. Dear Aunt Patty,
    I am glad that somebody liked this blog entry, at least. Some of Mom's other friends didn't really "get it," but that's probably because of Mom's weird sense of humor. So if you have the same kind of a sense of humor as Mom, I guess that's why you liked the blog.
    Love, Piper