Sunday, March 27, 2011


I am so confused about what season it is these days.  The calendar says it is spring, and for a while we had some nice, warm sunny days that made a dog want to go out and roll in the grass.  But now it's cold and icky, which is not how spring is supposed to be, at least in my opinion.  Yesterday, for example, the weatherman said we would get snow.  Not a lot of snow, but a little snow.  But we didn't get snow.  Well, we got some snowflakes that fell down from the sky, but as soon as they hit the ground, they turned into wet spots.  So that was not what I would call real snow.  But my point is that we should not get any kind of snow in the spring, real snow or unreal snow.
Also we were supposed to get rain yesterday, but we didn't get that either.  And it's been cold and cloudy, which is not very springlike at all.  Whenever I go outside, I just do my stuff and come back in the house right away because it's much warmer and nicer in the house.
The flowers are trying to bloom and do the things that they do in the spring, but it is hard for them.  Our weeping cherry tree is sort of blooming, but it "lacks enthusiasm," as Mom says.
And our star magnolia opened a few flowers, and then it stopped and is waiting for more warm weather.  But if the temperature gets below freezing, the magnolia flowers will turn brown and fall off.  This has happened sometimes in other years, and it's very ugly and sad.
Our very first daffodil opened yesterday, but it does not look very happy.
The temperature never even got over 40 all day yesterday, and that is just wrong.
The tulips that Mom planted a few weeks ago are coming up, and so are the day lilies.  Yes, Mom knows that you are supposed to plant tulips in the fall, not the spring, but she got a whole bunch of bulbs for free, so she went ahead and planted them.  And now they are coming up, but we don't know if they will really bloom or not.
Nicky got in trouble the other day because he was out in the yard, eating Mom's day lilies.  And he dug a  hole that's about a foot deep, which also made Mom grumpy.

Then yesterday morning, Nicky was in the flower bed, eating the leaves of the coral bells.  After that, he came in the house and puked them up.  I know why he did this.  It's because his tummy felt icky and he needed to puke and make it all better.  Sometimes I feel that way, too.  But I usually just eat grass instead of eating Mom's flowers.
Okay, well, here's the last picture Mom took yesterday.  This happens all the time out in our yard.  When Nicky is getting ready to poop, Barry follows him all around until Nicky finally starts pooping, and then Barry sticks his head in there to get the nice, fresh poop.  After which, Mom gets annoyed with Barry because he comes in the house with poop all over his ears and head and neck and collar, and she has to clean him off.

I've started eating Nicky's poop too sometimes, and in this photo, you can see my cute little rear end while I'm waiting for my chance to do that.  I don't stick my head under Nicky's butt because Barry is usually there first, and Barry might bite me.  That's the kind of evil big brother he is!

Anyway, that's all for today.  I think I will go curl up in a blanket now and wait for it to really be spring!

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