Monday, April 11, 2011


Mom and I got to do lots of fun stuff together Saturday and Sunday, so now I am all worn out.  Also I think my brothers and sister are jealous, but I don't care because I had a good time!

Saturday we had to get up at 5:30, and it was still dark outside.  Then Mom hurried around and did some things such as feeding us breakfast -- which was a very important thing to do.  Then she and I went out to the car.  I jumped in without much coaxing because I was excited to be going wherever we were going.

It turned out that we were going for a nice, long walk with some other greyhounds and their moms, so that was a lot of fun.  Mom did not take her camera, so I cannot show you any pictures of us walking, but I will tell you that we were a very handsome group.  Each of the other two moms had two greyhounds, but my mom just had me.  She thought about taking Mel or Barry, but she was afraid they might bite somebody or somebody's dog.  And anyway, it was more fun for me to get to spend some quality time all by myself with Mom.

Then yesterday, right after lunch, Mom and I got in the car again, and we went to a thing called "Barks in the Park," which was at a park way out south of where we live.  And at that event, I was one of two greyhounds who were there to meet people and show them how nice and beautiful greyhounds are, so that maybe they will want to adopt one of their very own.

The other greyhound who was there was named Wesley, and he was a brindle, too, but a darker color of brindle.  His mom and dad were also there, Aunt Donna and Uncle Kim, so they petted me a bunch, and lots of other people stopped by to pet us, too.  I love being petted, so I had a fine time.

Mom took me to the off-leash area that was set up just for "Barks in the Park," and she let me run around in there without my leash, just to see if I liked it.  And I did like it, at least for a little while.  I sniffed some other dogs, and they sniffed me.  I peed and I pooped, and I played a little bit with a sort of whitish dog.

Some of the dogs who were there played a bunch, and then they got thirsty, so they drank out of the great big water dish.

Then one dog just got in the water dish and lay down, which everybody thought was funny.

I didn't want to do a whole bunch of running around because it was sort of hot to be doing that.  At least it was hot enough to make me pant a lot.  Later in the afternoon, Mom took me back to the off-leash place again to see if I wanted to play.  I kind of checked out one of the three German short-haired pointers that were there, but I didn't really play with him.

The Humane Society was also at "Barks in the Park," including lots of shelter dogs that Mom knows.  Piper has already told you about several of them.  There was also a Sheltie Rescue group there, and they put some cute little outfits on the girl shelties.  At least I hope they were all girls.  I think a boy dog would be really embarrassed to have to dress like that!

Then at about 4:00, we left and we drove home.  And as soon as we finished supper, I went to bed in the middle of the living room and started taking a big old nap!


  1. had a fun weekend!! I wish there was a park that let cats run around...however, my mom said, even if there was she wouldn't take Di or me. That's NOT nice! I hope the "Barks in the Park" brings some nice people who want to adopt! One of my aunts has owned shelties for a looong time - so I do know that breed of dog. Mom is giving me the "look" to stop writing, so I'll sign off. Oh...please tell Piper that we hope she continues to feel better.
    Love, Dodi

  2. Dear Dodi,
    It's too bad that your mean mom wouldn't let you go to a cat park, if there was such a thing. I'll bet you'd like it. Shelties are way too short and hairy for my taste, but I guess some people like them. Ha! Piper is feeling better and better. If you take enough antibiotics, you can cure almost anything!
    Love, Nicky