Monday, May 2, 2011


Yesterday was the first day of Be Kind to Animals Week, which is a very important event that happens every single year.  The American Humane Association started Be Kind to Animals Week way back in 1915, and it is a time for humans to think about how much animals mean to them.  Also it is a good time to teach children to be nice to animals.  Of course, it's perfectly okay to be kind to animals any other week of the year, but sometimes it helps to have a special time for thinking about stuff like this.

Anyway, the American Humane Association says there are some very good ways that people can be kind to animals, and here is their list:

1.  Speak out for animals.  This might mean trying to get laws passed that are friendly to animals, or protesting puppymills or something like that.

2.  Report animal abuse.  Usually there is somebody like an animal control officer or a humane society that you can tell if you see an animal being mistreated or neglected.

3.  Appreciate wildlife.  Personally, I appreciate the squirrels and rabbits that we have in our yard because we can chase and maybe catch them, but Mom says that is not exactly the right kind of appreciation for Be Kind to Animals Week.

4.  Adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue.  Of course, I am always telling you to do this because I know how important it is for homeless dogs and cats to get adopted.  And what better time could there be for taking home a new pet than during Be Kind to Animals Week?

5.  Take care of your pet.  This means you should give your pet lots of healthy food and a nice, warm place to sleep.  Also you should get vaccinations and other medical care for your pet.

Okay, now you know what you should be thinking about this week, which is all the ways you can be kind to animals, especially dogs and cats.  I've decided that this would be a good week for me to write some blog entries about groups that spend all their time being kind to animals, because there are quite a few of these groups, so you can look forward to reading about them.


  1. I don't think they should care about animals for a whole week! People should be caring for animals everyday!


  2. I totally agree with you! People should be kind to animals and also spoil them every day of the year! LOL