Saturday, May 7, 2011


Okay, it's time to show you some nice, homeless cats and dogs that are at the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City, just waiting for somebody to adopt them.  Usually, I mostly only tell you about dogs, but on Wednesday, Mom went into one of the cat rooms for a while and played with cats, so she said I should write about them.  And she also played with two little dogs that are living in the cat room, so I get to write about them, too.

Anyway, this first cat is 2 years old, and she is named Rosebud.  She is a very pretty calico cat with long-ish hair and a short tail.  We don't know how she got the short tail, but she might have been born that way.  Anyway, when Rosebud first came to the shelter, she had some injuries because she had been hit by a car.  But now she is all healed up, and she can jump on the cat furniture and do all the regular catlike things.  Rosebud needs a home without really young children, just because she plays rough sometimes, and she might hurt the children.

Nikki is a 3-year-old short-haired cat who is mostly grey, but she has some nice white markings, too.  Nikki is very friendly, and if you pick her up, she purrs and rubs on your face and shows you what a totally lovable cat she is.  Nikki had some wounds when she arrived at the shelter, like maybe she had been bitten by a dog, but now she is fine.  Mom does not know why nobody has adopted Nikki, because Mom thinks Nikki might be the best cat at the shelter.

This cute little black kitten is named Jack, and he is 10 months old.  He grew up in a foster home where there were other cats and also dogs, and he likes them all.  Jack is very playful and sweet.  He is one of several black cats at the shelter, so if you like black cats, you can find one there that is just right for you.

Okay, now I will tell you about the dogs.  This first little guy is Paddington, and he's a bichon mix.  He's about 1 year old, and he needs a quiet home with no kids.  Paddington was found outside the shelter one day, and no one knows how he got there.  He had really matted hair, so it had to be shaved, but now it is growing back, and he looks cute and fluffy.

Alec is a chihuahua who is about 8 years old.  He is very affectionate and likes to be held.  He weighs less than 5 pounds, so he would probably just fit into your purse.  When Alec came to the shelter, his right eye was all red-looking, so he went to see Dr. Keil, the doggy eye doctor.  Dr. Keil said that Alec is probably blind in that one eye, but she thinks he will be able to keep the eye.  Alec needs a home where there aren't any young children.

Mork is one of the dogs that Mom played with in the cat room, and the other one is Mindy.  Mork is a chihuahua/dachshund mix, and he's 3-1/2 months old.  Right now, Mork weighs about 5 pounds, and when he is grown, he will probably weigh about 15 pounds.  Mork is very playful, and Mom thought it was a lot of fun to watch him running around the cat room with a great big stuffed toy in his mouth.  All the cats watched him, too, but they stayed up on high perches.

This little wirehaired terrier mix is named Mindy, and she was picked up along with Mork because their owner let them run loose in the streets all the time.  Mindy is 7 months old.  She is a little timid, but she is very sweet.  She will probably weigh about 15 pounds when she is full grown.  Right now, Mindy can't run and play in the cat room because she has a broken front leg.  And the way she got the broken leg was she either jumped or fell out of a cage.  The photo was taken before this happened, but now she has a cast on her leg.

Well, that's all for today.  I hope you can adopt one of these poor, homeless animals.  And if you can't, I hope you can talk one of your friends into adopting one of them!


  1. Hello...Di again. My mom is kind of sick, so I get to write! Dodi's being he missed out today! I just want to underscore everything you said on today's blog; so many dogs and cats would LOVE to go home and be part of someone's family. My mom was excited yesterday because she got to meet a dog named "Millie." I guess Millie got to run around the volunteer office while my mom and others stuffed envelopes, and mom said Millie is very cute.
    Love, Di (and AP & Dodi)
    P.S. You know the "secret" I told you about yesterday? The plot thickens because yesterday my mom went to an estate sale, and came home with 2 animal carriers and other items that MUST be for "others" to join our household? Mom doesn't say anything, but puts all the items in places as if she wants us to get use to seeing them? My mom can be sooo odd.

  2. Dear Di,
    My mom says she does not know Millie, so she is jealous because your mom knows her and she doesn't! (Humans are really silly, aren't they?) Anyway, I hope your mom had fun stuffing envelopes. My mom has done that sometimes, but she says it is not as much fun as playing with the dogs.

    Your mom is doing very mysterious things, getting pet carriers at estate sales. Hmmm. I wonder if she will soon be stuffing the carriers full of kittens or puppies or hamsters or something. Keep me posted!

    Love, Piper