Saturday, May 14, 2011


The adventures I'm going to tell you about all happened on Thursday morning, but when I went to the computer Thursday evening to tell you about them, a horrible thing happened!  I got a message from the Blogspot people saying, "this service is currently not available."  They said they were fixing something, and they didn't know when the fixing would be finished.  So I couldn't write about the Adventures that Mom and I had until yesterday evening.  I'm telling you this so you will know that I am not being lazy or procrastinating, because I wouldn't want you to think that!

Okay, so first of all, here's our neighbors' house, the one where Henry the wheaten terrier lives.  During the winter, our neighbors had a porch built on the front of the house.  And then last week they got a whole new lawn, which is made of sod.  They water their new lawn all the time, so I guess they really want it to grow.

There are signs all over the neighborhood about Dumpster Day, which is today.  On Dumpster Day, there is a big green dumpster that is parked about a block from where we live.  People can come and put their big bulky trash in it, or their yard waste.  Mom is going to take a rug over there this morning and put it in the dumpster.  This rug was in front of the sofa for quite a while, but then it somehow got peed on, and not just once but several times.  I won't admit to knowing how this happened, but I do know that the last time the rug got peed on, Mom said it was too stinky, and she didn't want to keep it anymore.  Now we just have little rugs in front of the sofa.  They are the kind of rug that you can just put in the washing machine if it gets dirty or stinky.

Thursday was our regular trash day, but we think it must have also been Big Trash Day.  Several people had big piles of big trash out by the curb.  If it wasn't Big Trash Day, then that stuff is probably still sitting there, looking ugly, which would be really unfortunate.  Here's a closer look at these people's trash.  They had some very cool things, such as an original oil painting and a wading pool.  I'm not sure why they would throw these things away, but for some reason they did.

On the same street where we saw the Big Trash by the curb, we also saw this sign.  I guess these people think their garden is really special, but if they think that, I wonder why they don't pull the dandelions and other weeds out of it.

Mom decided we should walk all the way to Pooches' Paradise because if we did, I could say hi to all my friends there, and Mom could make some boarding reservations for Mel and Barry.  On our way to Pooches, we passed the KC Clay Guild, which is where people can go and make pottery.  And if they don't know how to make pottery, they can take a class and learn.

You never know what you will see outside the Clay Guild, because sometimes there are some ceramic pieces sitting around, like this one, for example.

Between the Clay Guild and Pooches' Paradise, there is a body shop where people have their cars fixed after they get all smashed up in a wreck.  But Mom didn't take any pictures of the body shop.  Maybe she will some other day.  Anyway, the building where Pooches' Paradise is used to also be a body shop, but now it's a doggy daycare instead.

Pooches' Paradise is all decorated in a tropical theme, so that if you go there, you feel like you are on vacation in the Bahamas.  Or at least I guess that's how you are supposed to feel.  Personally, I've never been to the Bahamas or even to Florida, although sometimes greyhounds come to Pooches from racetracks in Florida.

So we went inside Pooches, and we saw several people who used to take care of me when I lived there, including Aunt Duvona and Aunt Cher.  They were all happy to see me, and they said I looked really good.  And then Mom made a reservation so that Mel and Barry could stay there tonight, because on Sunday Mom is having all the cactus club people come to our house for a picnic.  Mom doesn't want anybody to get a dog bite, and she doesn't want to have to shut Mel and Barry up in the bedroom all afternoon.  But Piper and I get to stay home because we are both nice dogs, and we don't bite.

Then we walked back home, and on the way, we saw more Big Trash.  Either that or somebody got thrown out of their house, and now they have to sleep on the sidewalk.

And the last thing we saw was some graffiti on the back of a stop sign.  And by reading this graffiti, we learned that Miranda hearts Jonathon.

So that was all of our adventures while walking.  Mom has been really, really busy the last few days because she is trying to get the house cleaned and the grass mowed and do all the other important things that have to be done before the picnic happens at our house.

Mom wishes that we dogs could help her with all this hard work, but we had to explain to her that since we do not have opposable thumbs, we can't really vacuum or mow or do any of that stuff.  But if she has time to take a nap, we can definitely help with that!


  1. Wow, look at all that cool stuff! So much to chew on, I wouldn't know where to begin. You guys are so lucky. We don't get anything like that around here. Sorry, mom just informed me that we have a "trash day" twice a year, where we can put all kinds of things except furniture, and appliances. I guess we just had one last month. Mom didn't get enough notice and wasn't able to put out a whole lot of stuff, except for alot of broken down cardboard boxes that her son likes to collect for some reason.

    We can diffenately help with naps also!

    Your friends,

  2. Nicky, it sounds like you had a very interesting walk! I used to work at Pooches' Paradise and I knew your Mom, and Mel and Barry too! I liked it when they came to stay with us, and we were pretty good buds so they never tried to bite me. (I always told Barry how much I liked his big ears, I think that helped!) I sure do miss that place and all my doggy (and human) friends there. I really need to visit more! I am very happy to see that your Mom adopted you- what a wise choice! You are VERY hansome!

  3. Dear Basenji Amigos,
    You are right to say that there was a lot of junk to chew on at that one house we walked by! I am not that much into chewing, personally, but my brother Barry is. I am more of a digger. Mom does not like it when I dig holes in the yard, but it really helps me relieve stress, if you know what I mean. Whenever we need help with naps, I'll let you know because we take a lot of them here at our house!
    Your friend, Nicky

  4. Dear Aunt Kerry,
    Mom says she remembers you well from when you used to work at Pooches. Barry and Mel remember you, too, and they said to tell you hi. Pooches is a nice place if you don't have a real home to live in, but having a real home is better. At least that's my opinion.
    Your friend, Nicky

  5. Hey Nicky,
    Are you from Florida?