Sunday, June 26, 2011


Maybe I should have called this blog entry "Fun with the Wrong Words" because that might tell you more about it.  But anyway, Mom said I could use some samples from her collection of funny things people say and write, and I could put them in my blog today.  All of these examples are when a person uses a certain word, and they thought they were using the right word, but really it was the wrong word, even if it was a lot like the right word.  And if that doesn't make sense, then maybe it will after I give you some examples.

These first ones are what you call homophones.  You might have learned about this kind of word in grade school, and if so, you might remember that homophones are words that sound the same, but they have different meanings and spellings.  Like for example, "meat" and "meet."

Okay, so here are some funny uses of homophones:

One sign of heat stroke is a staggering gate.
Yikes!  Look out for those staggering gates!  They're almost as dangerous as zombies!

My surgeon had a great bedside manor.
Well, he ought to be able to afford a really nice manor, with the amount he's charging you!

My dog has lost mussel mass.
Maybe he just got hungry and ate all the mussels!

And so, without further adieu....
Because saying adieu can be so sad!

These next ones are where a person used a word that was sort of like the one they should have used, but it is not the right word for what they meant to say.

He suffered a fractured sprint bone.
And you really can't sprint very fast when that bone is broken!

She was a very sick dog, but now she rules the roast.
This is my favorite one, because I'd really like to rule a roast someday!

I'm leaving a lot behind me as I tradition into the medical field.
I hope he is leaving behind a tradition of using the wrong word!

He died for injuries abstained in an automobile accident.
If only he had abstained from getting in the car that day, but who knew?

A deep-seeded truth is revealed.
And it has grown some really long roots!

He is getting his just desert.
I hope his desert has some pretty cactus plants in it!

I'm not going to heckle on the price.
It might be better to heckle the political speaker instead.

I don't even know who my descendants were 2,000 years ago.
But maybe your descendants 2,000 years in the future will know who YOU were.

A liter of basenjis is being trained for police work.
How many basenjis does it take to make a liter?  I'm not very good at metric measurements!

Okay, well, that is all the funny word uses I have for you today.  I hope you liked them.  Maybe someday, after Mom collects more of them, I can write another blog entry on this topic.


  1. FUUUNNNY!!! Today's blog really made me fact, I startled Dodi/Di! Ha. Do you remember the comedian of many years ago...around the time "Red Skelton" had a TV show, his last name was Cosby or Crosby? This comedian's skit was using the wrong words...but words that were "almost" correct. I always think of him when wrong words are used!!
    Love, AP

  2. again, the comedian's name I was referring to above is, Norm Crosby!

  3. Mom thought maybe you meant Bill Cosby, but she couldn't remember any routines he did using wrong words. I don't think Mom ever heard Norm Crosby much, or maybe not at all, so that's why she doesn't remember him! Anyway, I'm glad you liked the funny stuff in my blog today!
    Love, Piper

  4. I once had a heatstroke!


  5. Ooh those were so funny!


    read my adventures today if you can because I can FINALLY write something and Tas commented on the muzzle thingy.


  6. Dear Tas,
    I'm sorry you had a heatstroke. That is not a good thing to have. Mom almost got one last summer when she was mowing the grass one day.

    Lucky, I read your new blog entry. You will have to go look at my comment.

    Love, Piper