Monday, June 6, 2011


Mom had a lot of adventures in Oklahoma City, and she took a whole bunch of pictures, even though she was only there for part of two days.  And now she expects me to write about all the stuff she did, whether I want to or not.  So I guess I will do it because I like to make Mom happy, because that way she will remember to feed me!

But before I tell you about Mom's adventures, I will just say that my brothers and I survived our stay at Pooches' Paradise, and nothing very interesting went on while we were there.  But guess what happened when Mom came to take us home!  She found out that the people who work there thought I was a BOY!  So she picked me up and showed them my girl parts, and then they knew for sure that I wasn't a boy at all!  Sheesh!  How could anyone think that such a pretty, dainty dog such as myself was a boy?  Maybe I will have to start wearing one of those little pink tutus after all!

Okay, well, that's enough of that.  Now I will tell you that Mom went to Oklahoma City with Aunt Judy and Aunt Linda, who are both in the cactus club.  And after they got down there Friday afternoon, they checked in at the hotel, which it turns out was Pet Friendly, so I really think I should have got to go there, too.  Then after that, the three of them went to Bricktown, which is a part of the city where people like to hang out and have fun.

I don't know exactly why it is called Bricktown, but maybe they used to make bricks there.  Or maybe it's because there are a bunch of brick buildings, and some of them used to be warehouses.  Like for instance, this one is now the Spaghetti Warehouse, which is a restaurant, and not really a place where spaghetti is stored.  We don't know what happens in all those upstairs floors where the windows got bricked up.  It's sort of a mystery.

Here's another interesting brick building.  It was available for someone to buy and do something with it.  Mom thought it would make really good condos, because it's like a lot of the old brick buildings that got made into lofts and condos in Kansas City.  But maybe no one has thought of doing that yet.  Or maybe they can't afford to do it.

Anyway, here's what's really cool about Bricktown -- they have a whole herd of buffaloes right in the middle of town!

Wow, can you believe it?  How many cities do you know of that have buffaloes downtown?

Okay, I guess they're supposed to be called "bison," but no matter what you call them, they're pretty amazing.

And there's also a mural with teepees and Indian ponies and stuff like that, plus there's some nice grass for the buffaloes to graze on.  Not to mention that they are very colorful.

Oh, and here's a horse!  But the horse gets to stay indoors where it's nice and cool on a hot day, and not out in the pasture with the buffaloes.

There was also a canal, and you could go for a boat ride, but Mom and her friends didn't do that.

Some ducks were swimming around in the canal, and these kids were throwing bread crumbs for them to eat.

And besides the ducks, there was this American Coot, who has really big feet.  I thought he was sitting on a doughnut, but Mom said maybe it was a fountain with lights or something like that.

Here's a picture of a Model A Ford from 1930.  I know it is from 1930 because I read the license plate.  The car looks funny, but that's the way they used to make cars back in those days.

Okay, so after Mom and Aunt Linda and Aunt Judy walked around for a while and got really hot and sweaty because it was almost 100 degrees, they ate supper at a Mexican restaurant called Chelino's.  At this restaurant, the light fixtures are made out of strawberry jars with flowers painted on them.

Mom and Aunt Linda had fish tacos, which they thought were yummy.  And Aunt Judy ate tamales, which she also thought were yummy.  So everybody got all full of food and happy.

I wish I could have had fish tacos for supper Friday night, but all I got was some boring old dog food.  Which is what happens when your mom goes on a trip and doesn't take you along!


  1. Wow! your mom's adventures were so cool! I wish I went to Oklahoma! But if I did, Tas would probably keep me in a hotel all day because she doesn't want anyone to think she still plays with toys and stuffed animals. I think she's overly self conscious if you ask me! Oh, anyway, I wish I could have wild animals besides squirrels roaming around. We don't have bison, and not even rabbits hopping about. The only thing I have seen amazing was goldfish in the small water fall with rocks and all with angels on either of the sides in Acropolis Gardens.(Which by the way is where our apartment is) I feel for you, I wish I could have food, but I guess it's a risk for me considering I am stuffed and they would have to cut me open and then I would start smelling funny. I also have to add that the people must've all failed biology class in pooches paradise because the could've checked for themselves if you were a boy or not because it is so obvious you are a GIRL! Anyway, that's all I have to say!
    Plus I want to ask what kind of dog Tas has because she can't live without knowing what she has which I find silly because she should have gotten one with the forms not the street as a guard dog. You can identify her at
    So Ciao!
    Your friend, Lucky

  2. Well, we don't have any bison here in Kansas City, but we do have rabbits and squirrels and possums. And in some parts of town, there are raccoons and deer and coyotes. I am sorry you only have goldfish where you live, but goldfish are pretty interesting because of the way they swim all around in the water.

    The people at Pooches' Paradise could have figured out I was a girl if they had looked, but they were just thinking I was a boy, so they never looked. I'm trying not to hold a grudge or anything because at least they fed me, which is the important thing!

    Love, Piper

  3. Wow, I don't even have possums, and fish get boring when you see them everyday so it's like an everyday thing and they are going to die sooner or later because it has been years and I think they are dead already.
    Oh, some people are careless,that's why they didn't do well in biology class! But they probably passed it anyway. I am glad you got fed, if they didn't you would hate that place for a lot of reasons.

    Love, Lucky

  4. Dear Piper,

    Oh, I hate it when people mistake my sex! I may lift my leg, but I am firmly FEMALE. I'm a fixed female, but I am a female. Feeeeeeeeeeeeemale.

    It's been warm here too, lately. Today, it was 93 degrees with lots of humidity! My sissy stayed outside with me for awhile, but even she (the person who LIVES for hot weather) went in after 20 minutes. I sunned for about 30 minutes.

    Katie (y'know, my sissy who's account I hijack) told me if I hacked into her account to talk to you to say, "Hi."


  5. Dear Zena,
    Thank you for understanding my distress at being mistaken for a BOY! I don't even lift my leg when I pee. I always squat in a very girlish way. Oh well. I am back home now, and Mom certainly knows that I am a girl!

    I am very tired of hot weather already, and it is only the start of June. I hope the whole summer isn't like this.

    Your friend, Piper

  6. Dear Piper,

    I enjoyed your post and the photos of the bison. The large town near where I grew up is Odessa, TX, and they have GIANT JACKRABBITS all over town! They are taller than I am. It is really awesome, but I've only seen them once because I now live so far away.

    Your friend,
    Ann in Charleston

  7. Wow! Giant jackrabbits would be kind of scary, if you ask me! LOL In Kansas City, several years ago, there were painted COWS all over town because Kansas City is sometimes called Cowtown. But this was before I came here to live. Maybe it was even before I was born. Mom says the cows were pretty much the same size as regular cows, so they probably weren't too scary.

    Your friend, Piper