Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ODE TO SUMMER, by Piper the Poet

In summertime, the sun shines fiercely down
And makes me wear a little doggy frown,
Because the heat is way too hot for me
And I must stay inside, near the a/c.

In summertime, it’s hard to keep your cool
Unless you get into the wading pool
And get all wet, but I would not do that!
I’d end up looking like a big, drowned rat!

In summertime, the days get really long,
And all the birds sing silly, chirpy songs.
If only I could catch one I would sup
On it, and then it would at last shut up!

In summertime, cicadas come around!
They crawl out from their holes deep in the ground.
I eat a bunch, and then I eat some more,
Because that’s what cicadas are made for!

In summertime, we have big storms at night.
My brother doggies pant and drool in fright.
But thunderstorms and lightning don’t scare me,
Because I’m just as brave as I can be!

So summertime is here, starting today,
And then, no matter what, it’s sure to stay
Till autumn comes and fills the whole wide world
With dead leaves, acorns, and a lot of squirrels! 


  1. GREAT....simply wonderful!! Thoroughly enjoyed it, as did Dodi and Di!! Piper, you are the most talented dog I know!!
    Love, AP

  2. Ah, gee, thanks, Aunt Patty! You are making me blush! And I'll bet you didn't even know that dogs could blush! LOL
    Love, Piper

  3. *gasp* You don't like summer? But, but...it's my favorite season! I get to go on long walks, lie in the sun, hunt (and sometimes kill) the bunnies and mice and squirrels, roll in the grass, watch the birds, have Katie brush me in the grass, lie in the shade and hunt the vermin under the porch! It's my most faaaaaaaaaaaaavorite season.

    I do agree about the big storms. I don't like the big storms. I'm like your brothers. They scare me! I get special cheese and a special shirt called a Thundershirt put on me when a storm comes because I have what the vet calls "brontophobia;" in other words, I have a debilitating fear of thunder. I <3 my Thundershirt!

    I don't like having allergies either, but a stupid runny nose and watery eyes won't stop me from playing in the sunshine! The sun is fun! The sun is great! The sun is WONDERFUS!


  4. Well, mostly I like the cicadas. They are the very, very best part of summer! But they haven't come out yet, so I have to be patient and wait. I'm not as much into hunting as my brothers are. Sometimes I run out the back door when I see a squirrel in the yard, but my brothers are really fast, and they have already chased it up a tree by the time I get there, so I have stopped trying very hard. Sometimes I like to lie out in the sun, but I'm not supposed to do that very much because one time I had a growth thingy on me that almost turned out to be cancer, and now Dr. Patricia says I am supposed to stay out of the sun. Which is fine with me because snoozing inside where it's nice and cool is an excellent way to spend the summer!

    Your friend, Piper
    P.S. My brother Barry has a Thundershirt, but it doesn't make him feel much better during storms. Mom tried putting it on Nicky, and it helps him a little bit more than it does Barry. I'm glad you like your Thundershirt!

  5. Dear Piper,
    I really liked your poems and I like summer because it is so nice and sunny most of the time and everyone gets to go to new places.


  6. Dear Lucky,
    I'm glad you liked my poem! I had lots of fun writing it. Also I'm glad you like summer because we are stuck with it for a while! LOL
    Love, Piper

  7. Dear Piper,

    Zena's asleep (for once), but does your mom give Barry and Nicky anything for the storms (I mean, aside from the Thundershirt)? Zena used to get an Ace tranquilizer, but she gets Xanax now (aka her special cheese) and we leave the basement door open and light on; she likes to retreat down there because you can barely hear anything and can't see the lightning. We bought the TS after my dad heard about it.

    You should ask your momma to put sunscreen on you so you can go lie in the sun safely! They do make sunscreen for doggies! I think Zena would kill me if she were never allowed to lie in the sun anymore! She lives for the sunshine!


    P.S. The only bug Zena looks forward to are those darn June beetle bugs! She likes to snap them out of the air and eat them! Super gross!

  8. Dear Aunt Katie,
    Mom has tried Ace with Barry, but you have to take it like 2 hours before you get nervous about a storm, so Mom could never get the timing right, and by the time Barry was nervous, the Ace didn't do any good. But Barry takes Doxepin for his allergies, which is an antidepressant for people, but it works like an antihistimine for dogs. So that helps Barry be calmer in a lot of ways than he used to be, and he is even a little better during storms. Nicky has only been here since January, so we are just starting to have him be here during the storm season, and we have not tried drugging him yet. LOL

    June bugs are yummy! My brother Gabe and I used to eat them out on the patio at night, under the floodlight, but I haven't seen a whole lot of them this year. Which is a shame, because I could have them all to myself now that Gabe is gone!

    Your friend, Piper

  9. Dear Piper,

    We look at Weather.com like we're addicted to it (especially if I see that thunderstorms are predicted.) We look at the Doppler thingy on weather.com and plan accordingly. Zena gets Xanax because that's what the vet and my mom thought would be the next best step. If we see them on the Doppler ahead of time, we try to give her one an hour ahead of time. I'm Autistic, so I usually hear the first thunder first (I have very sensitive hearing) and if I hear an unplanned thunderstorm, I give her Xanax! (She just gets eye drops for her allergies.)

    You sound like Zena with June Bugs. It's funny watching her snapping them out of the air, but disgusting when she actually EATS THEM. We had a lot in the beginning of June, but they're all gone now and Zena didn't seem all that interested this year which is odd. I think she's been more interested in the neighbor under the porch. He came home early!


  10. Dear Katie,

    It is totally cool that you can hear thunder when it's still way far away because of being autistic. That makes you kind of like a dog, and I mean that in a good way!

    Mom is not too worried about Barry and Nicky during storms because they are not doing anything bad, like hurting themselves or tearing stuff up. They just pant a lot and kind of pace around, and Mom can put up with that pretty well. Mel is also afraid of storms, but he just crawls under the bed and hides.


  11. Dear Piper,

    I don't hear it from far away, but I tend to hear it before my parents and before it gets really bad. Generally, I hear the first thunder of a thunderstorm.

    Zena is pants, shakes, trembles, paces and everything else. She doesn't tear anything up or hurt herself, but it's scary and not good for a dog. It's like when a person has a panic attack. A person can't be in that state of panic for that long because it stresses the body out; that's why some people are prescribed tranquilizers so they can relax when they have one. Giving her a tranquilizer makes sure her body doesn't tax itself being so scared!