Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Yesterday I had to spend the WHOLE DAY at Dr. Patricia's office, sitting around in a cage.  And the reason I had to do that was because they wanted some pee from me, and they wanted to take it out of my bladder with a needle.  I hate it when they do that because it hurts!  But they were determined to do it because Mom thinks I have a UTI, which stands for urinary tract infection, and that's something else that hurts!

The worst part was that I had already been to Dr. Patricia's office the day before yesterday, which was Monday.  And when we went there, we had to wait like an hour before we saw the doctor because there were two emergencies.  And then when we saw the doctor, it was not Dr. Patricia.  It was a different, new doctor who just started working there, and her name is Dr. Griswald.  We don't know what her first name is, so we have to call her by her last name.  I don't even know if she has a first name, but Mom says it very likely that she does.

Anyway, Mom took me to see Dr. Griswald because Mom is worried about me, as usual.  Mom has been worrying for a long time about how thin my hair is getting, and also about how I don't like to go for walks or do much of anything except sleep and eat and write blog entries.  Also I am losing muscle mass, and I can't jump up on the bed and on other high places, but I can get on the sofa just fine.  Then last week, Mom suddenly noticed that I had these sunken places above my eyes.  Gabe used to have that, and the doctor said it was because he had been taking prednisone for several years.  But I don't take prednisone.  So Mom got all worried and made an appointment for me at Dr. Patricia's office.

When Mom told Aunt Cheryl in an email about all my symptoms, Aunt Cheryl said maybe I have Cushings Disease, and she sent a link for Mom to read about Cushings.  Which is what Mom did, and sure enough, I have a whole bunch of the symptoms of Cushings.  So when Dr. Griswald was examining me, Mom said she wondered if I might have Cushings.  But Dr. Griswald said there were several things that could cause my symptoms, so she wanted to get a bunch of blood work done first, before she tested me for Cushings.  She said she was the most concerned about my flabby muscles and also about my UTI.  Then after that, Nurse Alison dragged me into the back room and took a bunch of blood out of me.  They also tried to get some urine, but I didn't have any for them just then, which is why I had to go back yesterday.

So we don't know what's going on with me yet because the blood test results won't come back until maybe Thursday.  But I just have to say that I think it would be much better for Mom to spend her money on dog treats instead of on having me get stuck with needles!

But that's enough about me, at least for the moment, because now I'm going to talk about Nicky, who also had to spend the day at the vet's office yesterday.  Nicky had a little growth kind of thing on the underside of his tail, and Dr. Patricia thought that the growth thing should be cut off.  So that's what happened to Nicky yesterday.  And now he has a pretty blue bandage, which makes me feel kind of jealous, because I wish I had a pretty bandage on my tail, except I think I would like pink better.

Anyway, yesterday evening, Nicky just kind of hung out and slept on the living room floor, with his little blue bandage on.  Of course, most evenings he sleeps on the living room floor, so the only thing that was very different was that he had a blue tail.  Saturday he has to go back and get his bandage changed.  Mom is not supposed to take it off of him because it is meant to keep poop from getting into his wound.  We don't know how many stitches he has, because we cannot look under the bandage.

Now I will just tell you one more thing, and it's very sad.  My mom's friend, Aunt Karen, had a golden retriever named Dodgie, and he died on Monday from cancer.  It was even sadder because Aunt Karen was in New York, visiting her sister, and when she left Kansas City, she didn't even know that Dodgie had cancer.  The vet thought he just had a pinched nerve in his neck, but it turned out to be a nasty tumor, and the cancer had got into other parts of his body, too, but nobody knew about it until it was too late.

So now Dodgie is at the Rainbow Bridge, with lots of other dogs and cats, including Gabe.  And maybe someday we will all get to see each other again.


  1. I'm sorry you had to spend the day at the vet's office. I had to spend a night once at a strange vet's office. That was awful because I couldn't sleep in my regular bed with my momma. I don't know why you mom thinks you need to go for long walks in this horrible heat anyway.

    your friend
    Zest, superstar in training

  2. My mom doesn't make us go for walks when it's really hot or really cold. She hasn't even taken my brothers out for a walk for a week or more because it's too hot. She just thinks that when the weather is nice and cool, maybe I should get a little exercise. But my idea of going for a walk is to look for stuff to eat, such as cicadas and chicken bones in the trash and yummy things like that. So I spend all my time sniffing around to find something to eat, and we don't get very far on our walk, like maybe half a block, which is plenty, if you ask me!

    Your friend, Piper

  3. I think you should work on getting better. My brother Digital the brindlewonderkid started to loose some muscles in his back legs and mom got the "bright" idea to take him swimming once a week. She also got the "bright" idea that I need to practice agility even when it's hot and yucky out. I go along with that because she has yummy treats and I don't want her to take me swimming. Anyway, what I'm trying to say, is sometimes you have to go along with what moms want before they take you swimming.
    --Zest S.I.T

  4. Well, my mom already took me to physical therapy last year, and the therapist tried to drown me in the pool. So that's how Mom learned that I am not a dog who wants to go swimming. LOL But I did walk on the treadmill some. I think what I need is some sort of magic pill that will make me feel all full of energy again, and then maybe I will want to go for a walk with Mom.

  5. Dear Piper,

    I hate the vet too! I had to go two weeks ago and get my teeth cleaned! It was AWFUL!!!! I had to spend a few hours being boarded and I spent the rest of the day whining. My momma and Katie said I was driving them crazy.

    You look exactly like me in the second photo. Are you copying me?


    P.S. I think your momma is nutso. She's more paranoid than my mommy!

  6. I'm glad you agree that my mom is nutso. I have been telling her this for several years, but she won't believe me.

    I'm not copying you in that photo. That's just the way I look and sleep. Maybe you're the one who's copying me! Hahahaha!


  7. dear fren piper, whut a bummer about all that torture at the vet's. my mom just read your mom's post on bcom about the cushings. that's a bummer too. i totally do not like the vet's. it is the worst place ever. the first thing they do is poke you in the eyes and ears then poke you with needles.

    i hope you are feeling better soon.

    your fren, digger jones