Thursday, August 4, 2011


The results for the annual Basenji Companions Photo Contest are in, and guess what!  I won!  Well, okay, I didn't win everything in the whole contest, but I won FIRST PLACE in TWO categories!  And I also won some second and third places and some honorable mentions.  

So here are my winning photos.  They were all taken by Mom, of course, because I don't know how to use the camera.  In fact, Mom won't even let me play with the camera because she's afraid I will chew the strap off of it!

Anyway, I won a 1st Place in the "My Boo-Boo" category for this picture of me wearing the Cone of Shame.  Mom took this picture after I had been at Dr. Patricia's office all day getting IV fluids because I had that piece of a blanket stuck inside me.  Maybe you remember that exciting time in my life.  I had to keep that IV port thingy in my leg all night long and go back first thing the next morning to get more fluids.  And that's why I had to wear that bandage and cone all night.

The other 1st Place prize I got was for this picture of me and Nicky, in the "Basenjis and Their Buddies" category.  Except that this photo was taken at Pooches' Paradise when we were just meeting for the first time, so we weren't even buddies yet.  But we are now, so that's the important thing.

I got 2nd Place in the "Getting into Trouble" category for this picture of me checking out Chloe.  This was taken while the cats were still hanging out in their private room a lot of the time, and also Chloe was still really fat.  Mom sent this photo in for "Basenjis and Their Buddies," but Aunt Betsy, who runs the contest, moved it to the other category.  I guess she thought I was about to get into trouble by attacking Chloe, but really I was just being curious!

Mom and I really like this picture of me looking coyly over my shoulder.  It won 2nd Place in the "My Basenji" category, which is for photos that don't exactly fit into any other group.

This photo of me under the bed got 3rd Place in the "Basenji Destruction" category.  There were lots and lots of entries in this group, like maybe 17, so I think that getting 3rd Place is pretty darned good!  I did some of the work on the bedspread, but I let Barry help, too, so part of the credit for this award goes to him.

I also got 3rd Place for this photo, which was in the "Position Is Everything" category.  Mom sent it in as a "Power Sleeping" entry, but Aunt Betsy changed it also.  Mom thinks it's hilarious when I sleep like this, but I don't think it's funny at all.  I just think it feels good.

Okay, now for the Honorable Mentions, which I got two of.  I don't know how many votes you had to get to earn an Honorable Mention, but I think it must be at least one.  And maybe it's more than that.  This first Honorable Mention is for "Power Sleeping," and Barry got to be in it, too.  Mom put it in the "Basenjis and Their Buddies" category, but it got moved.

And last but not least, this is the second photo that won me an Honorable Mention.  It was in the "Basenji Expressions" category.  Mom says I look kind of saucy in this photo, but actually I was just squinting against the sun!


  1. Ha ha! Zena does that one pose on the couch too where she looks down and has her feet stuck out and everything! Her ears are either straight up or flat against her head. She does it on the La-Z-Boy rocking chair too while it's rocking too! We wonder why she doesn't get motion sick! We don't know how that is comfortable for you dogs; it looks mighty uncomfortable to me. If I were a dog, I'd rather take up the entire couch flat on my side.


  2. I also like to sleep flat on my side on sometimes on my tummy or curled in a ball. But sleeping with my head hanging down is a good way to sleep because it makes the blood go to your head, and I think that makes you smarter. Zena probably knows this, too! LOL


  3. Zena sleeps in all sorts of weird positions. She sleeps curled up into a tight ball, an "L" position (she looks like the letter L), the letter C or backward C, flat on her side, on her back with her paws straight up, on her back with paws everywhere.....and looooooooooots mores. She's a very weird dog.