Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Mom is very busy because she is getting ready for the cactus show, which will be this coming weekend.  The good part about this is that Mom is staying home with us while she gets all her plants ready to take to the show.  But the bad part is that she will be gone almost all day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which will be no fun for us dogs.

But there's nothing I can do about the situation because Mom insists on having her silly plants and on putting them in the show every year.  I wish I could convince her to be happy just having dogs and cats, but she is not so easy to convince.  Anyway, yesterday Mom got all her plants ready that she is going to sell, and she put prices on them and cleaned them up and put them in boxes so that they are easier to carry.

Today Mom is going to decide which plants she wants to put in the show, and then she will have to clean them up even better than the sale plants.  This is so they will look really pretty and will win lots of ribbons.  And also she has to fill out entry cards for the plants, plus put them in boxes.  So that is what is keeping Mom busy these days.

Anyway, guess what!  It was so hot yesterday that we set a whole new record for hotness!  At the airport, which is in the north part of the city, it was 107 degrees.  Downtown it was 109 degrees, and in the south part of town, in Olathe, it was 110 degrees!  The hottest it ever was before on this date was 104 degrees, which was in 1984.

We dogs mostly stayed inside where it was cool, but sometimes when Mom went out to get some plants and bring them in, we went outside, too.  I thought it felt really good to lie in the sun, even though the sun was kind of hot.  Mom thought I was dumb to do this, so she didn't let me stay out there very long.

Tonight we were watching the news on TV, and there was a very sad story about a police officer and his K-9 partner, whose name is Reed.  This officer went to a place called Big Lake on Monday because there is a bunch of flooding there, and he was doing a flood patrol.  But then he disappeared, and so did his dog, but his car, with with the boat still attached to it, was just sitting there.

Well, tonight they said on the news that they found the body of the dog.  They haven't found the trooper yet, but they think his body will be close to where the dog's body was.  No one knows how or why they drowned, but it's all very sad.

Oh, but here's a happy story, which is that on Monday, Mom's friend Aunt Karen adopted a dog from the Humane Society.  This dog is named Scarlett, and she is very cute and a very nice dog.  Mom went over to Aunt Karen's house Monday to help Scarlett get kind of settled in and stuff like that.  We think Scarlett will like living there.

Okay, that's all I know right now, so I'm going to stop writing.  If Mom weren't so darned busy, she could help me do some in-depth research on some really interesting blog topic.  But like I said, there's nothing I can do about the situation.

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