Thursday, August 18, 2011


I was going to write about some important, educational topic today, but then I decided to write about my kitten foster brother instead, because that is the topic I think is most interesting right now, and it's my blog, so I can write about anything I want!

Actually, I'm not sure why I think Carson the kitten is interesting, because he really doesn't do much.  Here are the only things he likes to do:
1.  Sleep
2.  Eat
3.  Poop
4.  Pee
5.  Meow in a high-pitched, annoying way
6.  Crawl around looking goofy because he can't really walk yet

Mom says that this is all Carson can do right now because he is so young.  She said I was once a tiny puppy, and that's all I did, too, but I don't remember that, so I think Mom is just making it up.

Anyway, yesterday Mom set up our biggest crate so that Carson would have a place to learn how to walk and do other kitten things.  She put newspapers in it and a blanket and a box with more blankets to help keep Carson warm when he's sleeping.  And also Mom put duct tape all around the bottom of the crate because she was afraid Carson might get his head stuck in there and break his neck or something.

Then after that, she put Carson in the crate.  Barry and I were really, really interested in Carson, and we sniffed him through the sides of the crate.  Barry kept woofing and lunging at Carson and sticking his foot in there and trying to grab Carson and eat him.

So I was forced to growl at Barry and warn him to keep away from MY kitten, because I don't want Barry to eat Carson.  Here's a picture of me growling at Barry, and he backed off because I sounded so fierce.

I would like to play with Carson, and I did a play bow and everything, but Carson just ignored me, which sort of hurt my feelings.  At first he took a nap in the big crate, but then he woke up and crawled out of his bed and started doing his funny, creeping walk thing all around in the crate.

And after a while, he even stuck his little bitty feet out of the crate, and I licked them, but there are very sharp claw thingies on the ends of his feet!  Then Carson started trying to climb up the inside of the crate, which Mom said was surprising that he could even do right now since he's so young.

Barry kept trying to get at Carson, and Mom was holding him back because she did not want Barry to bite Carson's foot off.  Then finally, Mom put a muzzle on Barry, which Barry didn't like, but at least she didn't have to worry about Carson getting hurt.

Well, unless I decide to bite his foot off myself.  Mom is hoping that that idea has not come into my mind, but it makes her nervous not knowing exactly what I'm thinking or planning.  Ha!  And I am not going to tell her, either, because I like to keep her in the dark.

Okay, that's pretty much all I have to say about Carson right now, but Mom wanted me to tell everybody that the white hair is all falling off my cute little muzzle because of my Cushing's Disease, and now I look even stranger than I did before.  Someday maybe my hair will grow back, but right now it's mostly just falling out.  I feel like a little old man who is going bald!

People keep asking Mom how I am doing, and the answer is that I am pretty much the same because we are just trying to get my cortisol level back up again, but not as high as it was before I took those really expensive pills.  So I am just taking one-half prednisone pill every day, and I have to do that for two months.  Then after that, we have to do the $280 test again to see where my cortisol level is.  It's kind of a slow and annoying process, but there's nothing we can do about it.  And at least now I have my kitten to keep my mind off my problems!


  1. Hey there, Hi there, Ho there....that's what my mom likes to say, it reminds her of her youth and the Mickey Mouse Club. Can you believe a mouse has a club?? Anyway, mom told me to write because she's afraid that maybe she's been "kicked out" of the "Follow the Piper" readers. I won't make any comments about today's blog because my mom hasn't read it to me yet, and she's just now starting to read all the blogs she's missed! Oh...the reason she's not been online is because she's been really sick and spent alot of time in the hospital. Just between you and me, she looks fine and I'm not sure I believe all the "I've been soooo sick..." stuff AND when she was in the hospital, Di and I had to fend for ourselves...except for the neighbor who took care of us! :) It's great to get back to our old routine and especially read your blog! more thing, my mom is soooo excited about "Kit!!"
    Love, Dodi (and Di & mom)

  2. Dear Dodi,
    Tell your mom that she would never be kicked out of my blog fan club! I think if she was in the hospital for a long time, she must have really and truly been sick. I hope she's lots better now and that she will stay out of the hospital after this. Now you guys need to get busy and catch up on all my exciting and informative blog entries.
    Love, Piper
    P.S., I'm glad you like my kitten, Carson!

  3. Hi Piper,

    I hope you get well soon. Zena told me to tell you to tell your mommy (yes, it's one of these long "told me to tell you to..." she can really irritate me sometimes) to get you a Kong Zoom Groom. It's her FAVORITE brush at the moment. She won't even let me get the other brush. She whacks it away!

    Anyway, she tells me to tell you to tell your mommy to get herself to PetSmart ASAP to get one of these brushes because these brushes, while they get rid of old dead hair, stimulate the capillaries in the skin so they help keep skin healthy, help produce healthy hair and give a very, very, very "lovely" (her words, not mine) massage. Zena very much loves the massage aspect; in fact, she'll flop on one side and fall asleep. She doesn't quite understand that in order to get the whole massage experience she needs to flop over to the other side eventually.

    I have a very weird doggie!

    Many Huggies,

    P.S. Zena doesn't know what to make of Carson. She says he looks weird!

  4. Dear Katie,
    My mom has one of those Zoom Groom things, but she hasn't used it on me for a long time, due to my lack of hair. We didn't think about the massage benefits, so I will have to tell Mom to try it and see how it feels as a massager.

    My kitten Carson is definitely weird. Zena is right about that. Mom took him to the Humane Society today and weighed him, and he weighs 10 whole ounces. He has a fat little belly because he drinks so much milk!

    Your friend, Piper

  5. Dear Piper,

    Massage has a lot of great benefits. It helps your immune system, help combat cancer, increases circulation, reduces inflammation of the joints and muscles, helps heals wounds faster, improves range of motion, reduces spasms and jerking, provides exercise and stretching for atrophied muscles, helps relieve the pain of migraines and chronic painful diseases and disorders......lots of benefits for massage! These listed are scientific results for humans, but many of these go over for massage for doggies! Massage also reduces stress, anxiety and fear so it's good to use during thunderstorms (we're using the ZG on Zena during thunderstorms and it's doing great things for her!) I use massage on myself to help relieve my own pain! It's also good for fighting against hair loss (ask your momma if she gets a head massage when she gets her hair cut. Chances are she does. It's not only done to help relieve the stresses of the day and clean her hair, but to stimulate the scalp to grow new hair and prevent hair loss!)

    Massage = Great for Doggies and Humans alike!


    P.S. 10 whole ounces is awfully light! Zena remarks he must look like a tennis ball!

  6. Dear Katie,
    Wow! You really know a lot about massage and all the good stuff it does for people and dogs. I will have to get Mom to massage me all the time, every day!

    Carson is growing all the time, so I think he will be bigger than 10 ounces very soon, like maybe by this evening! He does look a lot like a tennis ball, except black and furrier. And his head is round like a pingpong ball. He has a scrawny neck, so he is really very funny-looking, but I guess he can't help the way he looks.

    Your friend, Piper