Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We Have a KITTEN!

Mom went to the Humane Society yesterday, and you'll never guess what she brought home with her!  It was a teeny tiny, itty bitty KITTEN!  Mom never meant to bring home a kitten, but she did.  We're not going to adopt the kitten.  We're just going to foster him until he is old enough to go someplace to be adopted.

This is where the kitten lives, in his special crate
with a blankie and a heated disk thingy under it.
We don't know a whole lot about the kitten, like what happened to his mama or if he had any littermates, but here's what we do know about him.  A big, strong construction worker found him at a construction site on maybe Friday.  Then this big, tough guy went to Petco and bought some fake milk like you give to kittens when they don't have a mama cat to nurse from.  And the man fed the kitten every two hours all weekend.  But the man couldn't keep the kitten because he has some other pets, so he brought it to the shelter on Monday morning, and the nice people at the shelter took the kitten and said they would find someone to foster it.

Well, Mom didn't know about any of this, and she just happened to go to the front desk to buy some Frontline because it was time for her to put it on us so we won't get fleas and ticks.  And the woman working at the desk was holding this little tiny kitten to keep it warm and happy, and she asked Mom if she wanted to hold him, so Mom did, and Mom liked the kitten, and she ended up bringing him home.

Mom never had to feed a kitten or a puppy by hand before, so she is just hoping she can keep the kitten alive.  He is very noisy, even though he is very small.  I don't know how he can find so much to meow about, at his young age, but he does.  We think he might turn out to be a long-haired cat, but we don't know for sure.  He is black all over, without any white on him.  Or maybe he is gray, but probably he is black.  I think he would be cuter if he had some white markings, like I have, but nobody asked me.

Kittens are very messy when they eat!

When Mom brought the kitten home, she held him so that Barry and I could sniff him all over, and then Barry decided that Mom was giving him a squeaky new toy to play with, and he tried to bite it on the head, but Mom didn't let him do that.  I was a very good girl, and I didn't try to eat the kitten, so Mom said she was proud of me.

Mom showed the kitten to Chloe, and Chloe hissed at him.  Charlie also hissed at him.  I guess they don't want to have another cat in the house.  Mel and Nicky didn't go anywhere close to the kitten, and I think that's because they are afraid of him!

His eyes are blue right now, but maybe they will change color later.

Dr. Michelle, at the shelter, said the kitten was about 2 weeks old, but Mom looked online at how kittens develop, and she thinks he might be more like 3 weeks old because his ears stand up, and he is trying to walk around a little, but he is not very good at it, so I think he needs to start practicing.

Mom said she might name the kitten Carson, like Kit Carson, who was a famous explorer or something like that.  She thought of this name because it's like Kitten Carson, get it?  Well, anyway, SHE thought it was funny.  But Mom is not sure if she gets to name the kitten or not.

You call that WALKING?  hahahaha!
Last night Mom made Carson sleep downstairs in the kitchen, so we didn't have to listen to his loud meowing all night.  She got up about 2:30 and went downstairs and fed him a whole bunch of milk, and then we all went back to bed.  The nice lady at the shelter told Mom that if she just fed the kitten once during the night, that would be enough, and she didn't have to get up every two hours to do it.  So we were all very thankful for that!


  1. Ah Piper, mom has done that many, many times. Make sure you tell your mom that she also needs to clean the rear-end where it poops and pees, to stimulate it into going to the bathroom. That's what the mamma cats do to their babies. I like the name Kitten Carson, although we don't want any baby kitties here. Well, I would, but mom doesn't, she says 3 dogs and 3 cats is enough.
    Course when she took Dannii and Jenna to the vets last Wednesday (I went too, just to get weighed), we all saw a 10 week old Pit Bull puppy. Mom fell in love with it immediately. She talked about getting one all the way home, then she snapped out it...........thank goodness.
    Good luck with Kit Carson. Don't be too surprised if your mom ends up keeping it! hahaha

  2. Dear Zak,
    My mom already knew about rubbing the kitten's butt because the lady at the Humane Society told her to do that. Sometimes Carson poops all by himself without any butt rubbing, so that's one reason we think he is 3 weeks old instead of just 2.

    Mom says she will definitely not keep Carson, but she thinks your family would look really good with a pit bull puppy in it. LOL

    Your friend, Piper

  3. Piper, please don't give mom anymore idea's about a pit bull puppy! Us 3 dogs can't get her to do what we want her to do when we want her too, and another dog/puppy will not help. She would probably forget to feed us!

  4. Oh no! You don't want your mom to forget to feed you! That would be horrible and awful. So I guess maybe getting a pit bull puppy is a bad idea. Forget I mentioned it! LOL